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My Entourage

park-pics-0232Pictures from day one with my new camera!
















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Sometimes It Only Takes a Bite

This past weekend Larry was off for “guys’ weekend” at the coast. A weekend alone with Ava and Lola can be daunting and exhausting. At the same time I was looking forward to reading a good book and watching a totally girly movie. It all began a bit rough however, with a very tired and fussy Ava refusing to take her afternoon nap! An hour and a half of tears later I had a sleeping baby followed by a bite…

Picture with my new camera!

Picture with my new camera!

One incredibly delectable, mouth watering, taste buds singing bite! Our friend from New York had brought us two packages of La Maison Du Chocolat: French Macarons. Trust me when I say you have just got to try one for yourself. I know that I will be craving these for months and now I am dying to try their chocolate truffles!  Thanks Jason, what a wonderful treat!  We survived the rest of the weekend just fine and I am proud to say that I was even able to limit myself to just one macaron a day…that is willpower!



My sweet tooth has two other local favorites I must share:
Seattle, WA: Fran’s Chocolates
Portland, OR: Moonstruck Chocolates
*In a taste test Fran’s wins over Moonstruck but a close race nevertheless!

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blue-boxI am not a jewelry kind of gal. The only jewelry I own is my engagement ring and wedding band and I am perfectly content with my collection ending there! Larry sometimes jokes however, that one anniversary I will get a little blue box complete with diamond earrings. Although I would not turn down the diamonds I cannot imagine the excitement being any greater than today when my brown box arrived on the doorstep!

As a Mother’s Day/ Birthday gift Larry got me a new camera! For years I have been interested in photography. With no room, or money for an at home art studio, my painting and drawing days have, for now, drawn to a close. Photography however, takes very little room and yet you create and capture beauty all the same. Now with Ava I have access to the best subject ever!

 I did a lot of research while trying to decide between Canon or Nikon; Canon XS  a Nikon D60 both with two lenses or should I spend the same amount and go with the Canon XSi with only one lens for now. Canon bodies were rated higher but the mid-range Nikon lenses that came with the D60 were rated higher than the Canons? Both the Nikon lenses had image stablization but Canon 75mm-250mm that came with the XS did not.  What to do… I stumbled upon this saying…liked it…decided it was better than eenie-meenie-minie-moe…and let’s face it there really is no wrong choice between these two brands…

Canons are the best cameras available designed by engineers, and Nikons are the best cameras one can buy designed by photographers.

The Nikon D60 it is, a mid-range camera with all the manual capabilities I wanted and two well rated lenses both with image stablization.my-camera

So here we go; aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, metering…I cannot tell you just how excited and totally overwhelmed I am to begin scaling the enormous mountain of photography!

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toilet-lockOK so you have seen them, those horrid child proof toilet locks! I refused; after all I do not want to deal with them myself when I have to go…I have to go!

Toothbrushes (yuck!), toys, our cordless phone; they have now all gone for a swim and some of them have not survived the voyage! So…I now understand and I guess it is time for a trip to the child proofing aisle of Babies R Us! I have to remember, having a baby is NOT about convenience…or aesthetics!

Note:  A picture of something actually floating would have been preferred but alas, I am a first time mom and more concerned in rescuing objects that taking the picture!  Maybe with baby #2 I will run for the camera and postpone my rescuing skills for later!

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Our New Dog Walker

Three days a week, when our dog Lola is not at daycare, Ava and I head out for an hour of dog park time! Rain, wind, snow or sun we are there making sure our “bear” stays happy and healthy. We are lucky to have many wonderful two and four legged friends that join us througout the week.  Ava loves all the dogs and now on nice days you can see her running around the field… shouting “dog, dog, dog.”













Ava sure knows the drill: chuck-it, ball and leash…”Let’s Go!”  Too bad she is not quite old enough to take this chore on full-time!

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Why is it that we are so hesitant to switch doctors? Or is that just me?

When I first met Ava’s pediatrician I thought she was great, young and new to the profession and with full time hours… it did not take long however, for me to realize that she was not quite what I had hoped! It did not matter how many questions or concerns I had, the answers were always short and by the book and she was always able to make it in and out of the room in 15 minutes! Now, I am sure she is knowledgeable, after all she graduated from medical school but she was not yet a parent with any life experience of her own and clearly did not want to take time to understand. In fact, she recently did have a baby; at first I had hoped this would change her a bit…no such luck! After a year she finally convinced me that it was time for a change.

This change was not just good but GREAT! I absolutely love Ava’s new pediatrician, a mother of two and with a wonderful background of professional experience. Our first appointment was for Ava’s one year check-up. An appointment which I am sure would have been another 15 minutes out of her previous doctor’s life. Dr. Walsh  however scheduled an hour of time for this appointment…no rushing here! The appointment was not just checking her hips and a quick run down of developmental milestones. She sat down and actually asked me to tell her about Ava…what a wonderful feeling as a mother…someone who really cares! All my questions were answered and explained.  I left feeling confident that my daughter was at last in wonderful and caring hands…

If you are having doubts about a doctor try a second opinion! The way I look at it is that it will either illustrate that your first choice was just fine or demonstrate just how right you were to have doubts in the first place!

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Months ago I decided to check the weight limit of Ava’s current car seat, chico key fit. For some reason I was under the impression that the weight limit was 30 lbs shockingly it was actually 22 lbs. Fearing that Ava must be pretty close I rushed out a bought a new car seat…it was not for almost 3 more months that she actually hit 20 lbs…I guess I had some time!

Ava is now riding in style in her new luxurious car seat, the Britax Marathon! Thanks Grandpa Fleckenstein and Grandma LuClaire your gift is at last being enjoyed!


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From the time I was a toddler I loved Winnie the Pooh. My mom often shares stories of how I would not leave a Sears without a new Pooh Bear so she’d better remember to pack one! I still love Winnie the Pooh, especially classic Pooh and the original A.A. Milne stories.

pooh-bookI have two beautiful books by A.A. Milne one of the Complete Adventures of Winnie the Pooh the other, a collection of his poems. For Ava’s first birthday she received her first classic Pooh stuffed animal and I just happened to have the most perfect board book to accompany him.



christopher-robinIt was my Aunt however, that gave Ava the most perfect Pooh toy that I cannot wait for her to enjoy; a Madame Alexander doll of Christopher Robin with small plush versions of all his childhood friends! Too cute!!!! To make this future toy even better I found two different tree houses where Christopher, Pooh and friends could continue their adventures. Ava’s own version of the Hundred Acre Woods…I cannot decide which I like better!

The cardboard treehouse from Creative Toys is, just that, creative.  The Plan Toys treehouse  is durable and would last through siblingplan-treehouses and even future grandchildren!


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Happy Earth Day!

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. ~Native American Proverb

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Ava is always on the go! Her favorite game is being chased…the second she hears “I’m gonna get the baby”, she is off and full of giggles!


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