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The endless question: What can I pack in the diaper bag that will be somewhat healthy, fast and NOT messy!!!??

Here are Ava’s four favorite answers…

AA13321. Fruit Crisps– Individually packaged bags of both apple and asian pear. Careful to not crush and yum a perfect healthy on the go snack! Found at Costco.

pack_12. Mum Mum rice husks- Come in original rice and vegtable. Ava loves both! Again do not let those grabby toddler hands crush into pieces before opening! Hard to find great deal if you order in bulk on Amazon!


3. Annies Organic Bunny Variety Snack Pack- Contains individually packaged bunny snack packs: chedder bunnies, chocolate, honey, chocolate chip. Need I say more. Found at Costco


4. Organic Animal Crackers and Whole Grain Goldfish– Create your own snack pack of these two yummy favorites. Both can be found at Costco.

Do you have any favorite?  We are always looking for something new!

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I knew when my mom presented this pink tennis dress to Ava that Larry would love it! So it was no surprise that when he arrived home one evening with her sporting the adorable tennis dress he could not stop telling her just how cute she looked! Finally he said, “Seriously, she looks so cutie. You have to take a picture.”

So these are just because Ava looked soooo cutie…

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Furry Lovin’

Ava adores our pets! Right after mama and dada came the words cat and dog.  Now you even hear a “Lola” being shouted out as if she is imitating me calling Lola at the park, it is great!

Ava is often in search of some furry lovin’ she clicks her tongue to call them, tries to sit on their laps, cuddle, and kiss.  At times they will lie there and take it…and finally I had my camera…just look how happy Ava is!!!


It is hard for a toddler to understand how to interact with animals and the animals, well, let’s just say they do not quite understand toddlers either.  The other day at the pet store it came to me a way to bring them together.  Check out the fun!

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197 Acre Learning Curve

Lola, Ava and I have some very special friends that help us out during “dog park time”. Five year old Nate and 8 year old Quinn, I hope I got that right guys! They are funny, sweet, full of energy and adorable so I was thrilled when their mom was up for a photo shoot.

Forest Park, directly next to our neighborhood, is exactly 197 acres of incredible trees, playground space, petting farm, swimming pool and just outside a long winding trail along Pigeon Creek. The perfect place for a photo shoot…or so I thought…

As a now veteran three month DSLR “photographer” ha, ha, Nate and Quinn were my very first attempt at full on photography session with subjects other than Ava. It was indeed a learning experience:

1. The forest on a cloudy day is DARK which means way too low of shutter speeds and therefore exposure and focus issues!
2. I need to remember to set my aperture higher when shooting two or more people… again focus issues

I walked away with some keepers but am still so sad the close-up pictures of the two kids together were not focused properly.  Another shoot maybe in the fall with all the colors…think I can convince them?  Here are a few if you would like to see more simply check out my flickr account.

PS: If you already have checked out my flickr I re updated today with some fixes so check them out!







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Heat Wave

DSC_0183This summers beautiful weather prompted Larry and I to go in search of the perfect pool for Ava to splash and cool off.   Target the store with everything had just the thing this sunshade pool. It is a great size, still room for Ava to grow and the shade top can be turned or taken off completely.  Larry and I provided cups, buckets, watering can and other pool appropriate toys but of course in toddler fashion Ava provided her own entertainment.  Currently she is obsessed with rocks, she sleeps with them (large so choking is not a concern) and carries them everywhere.  Rocks and water…need I say more endless fun!  Even Lola Bear joined in for some summer water fun!







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When Larry and I first chose our home here in Everett, WA we did so with no children in our immediate future. Of course it was only a matter of weeks, after the boxes were unpacked, that the little blue lines of the pregnancy test reminded us that some things are just not planned.

Our house, although still needs work, has a gorgeous view of the Cascade mountains, wonderful entertainment space with picture windows of the view, a newly remodeled kitchen and huge master suite complete with walk in closet.  All wonderful assets to a couple without children.  These all came with a price once Ava arrived; Ava’s nursery is a floor below us, we live on a hill so not a great yard for playing, a deck with rails that are just not safe for little people and with three floors more stairs to block off.  We have learned to live with the inconviences and are beginning this summer to discover more perks of our chosen location…

Today, Ava and I escorted Hope and Kristin to the park next door to our house…our at least almost next door! When we decided on this particular house Forest Park was one of the major selling points.  We have a trail at the end of our street that leads into this expansive, trail filled park.  It is beautiful.  Sadly and with no excuse we have not really explored too much.  We have entered the side closest to our house and walked around a bit but that is about it.  Two days ago I did a photo shoot for some friends and we hiked through as a backdrop.  Impressed is understating my aww. Ava and I should be there everyday!

800px-Everett_-_Forest_Park_playgroundWe began our day at the Centennial water park an area filled with at least 15 foutains to run, splash and play through.  After a snack in the shade we headed to the playground complete with both a large structure for older children and a 5 years old and under area for munchkins.  After slides, climbing, stairs and tunnels we relaxed in a couple of toddler swings…Ava’s personal favorite!  Making his job easy there was an ice cream truck conviently parked at the side of the playground where Kristin treated us to our favorite childhood treat! Yum!!!  Next we headed just west of the playground to the Animal Petting Farm….YES, that is right all of this in one location about 5 minutes from our house!!!!!  The animal farm had horses, goats, a calf, sheep, ducks, pigs, bunnies and hens.  Several of the animals were even out roaming for the girls to touch!  Incredible and did I mention this is all completely free of charge!  Two hours and endless fun Ava has now crashed! We will be back soon…

No pics from me this time… I just enjoyed the view and some fun!

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