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Rise and Shine

Ava’s early morning wake up call came with a perk the other morning. I was able to capture the incredible sunrise from our deck. Sometimes I take for granted the incredible views our house provides… Good Morning and best wishes for the day ahead!

These shots almost make me want to wake up that early every morning… almost!

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The Dodge Mansion, otherwise known as Meadow Brook Hall, is an incredible site. Built in the early century this tudor style mansion will leave you in aww. I remember visiting as a child during Christmas, each room decorated more beautifully than the last. There are secret passage ways and secret rooms that would draw even the most skeptical kids attention.  What is even more wonderful than the house itself?

The grounds; gardens, fountains, benches, a gazebo, bridges, sprawling landscapes.  There is even a miniature house build for the girl of the mansion decades ago, complete with electricity and running water! Can you say spoiled!  It was the most perfect place for a photo shoot I have found yet!  I could not even get Ava in all the incredible locations to shoot everything I would have liked.  I cannot wait to go back!  In Ava fashion she was a busy body running my mom and I everywhere and me snapping and attempting to collect a handful of decent pictures. I do not know what it is but shooting your own kid is HARD!  Of course, with Ava as the subject there are very few bad pics she is just too cute!

You have to check out the flickr account these are some of my favorites!

I like this last picture so much I even made and exception and used a color photo for my blog banner!!

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The Three Musketeers

What fun I had at my session with these three boys!

I grew up living next to Beth, now she is all grown up, happily married and has three of the cutest boys ever!  I was so happy when she agreed to a photo shoot!  It was crazy!  Two were napping while I shot the oldest.  Then one woke up, then the next, it was a whirlwind!  Beth must be exhausted!  Although I am positive the the exhaustion is far outweighed by the smiles and loves from  her three adorable boys.  With patience wearing thin by the time all three were awake I did not get as many with all three as I would have liked but I am so happy with the results!  I hope you love them too R family!

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Catching Up!

OK so I am on hyperdrive to catch up on my posting. So much happened this summer that I just have not stayed on top of this blog gig! Not to mention that I am also using this blog to document my photography improvements. So make sure to look down the pipe as I may be publishing several articles a day until I’m back on track! Thanks for stopping by Ava and I send lots of love, smiles and hugs to our friends and family!

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No One Loves You Like Your Mom!

As the photographer of the family I can count on one hand the number of pictures with Ava and I together.  (I really need to work on this!)  So, I love when I have the opportunity to capture mother-daughter moments. Plus just look at those cheeks! I am not a cheek pincher by nature but these were tempting. Thanks Kimi and Olivia for letting me document these moments!

there is something about a crying baby you have to love

there is something about a crying baby you have to love

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Ava said it! We have been working on what Ava is going to call my mom. When we started with grammy but it was still too difficult so, I simplified her title to mimi. By the end of our last trip to Michigan she had mimi down. Since our northwest return I have been working on Grammy. Tonight while editing these pictures we got the first completely understandable GRAMMY!!! More pics on the Flickr site!

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P Family Perfection!

OK, so I am loving family photography. Of course it helps that I have had adorably fun subjects! I was SO excited when my good friend Christine allowed me to shoot their family photos. My photos may not be perfect but this family, how cute are they, perfection!!!  Cheers and enjoy some of my favorites and it was hard to pick:

traditional family photo

traditional family photo

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Creative gift giving is a talent… and I love a creative presentation.  My good friend Emily is a natural!  Although I try hard I often fall short of finding that perfect gift.  After attending my share of baby showers I have settled on a gift worth giving.  Although it is not necessarily unique to the person it is uniquely me.  I also must give some credit to Oprah as it is partially inspired by her Favorite Things show.

The past two baby showers I attended Emily’s and Carly’s they were gifted with MY favorite things for baby and mama!  These are all must have’s in my book updated as my most recent favorites!  If you have favorites comment and add them to the list!

Carter’s Long Sleeve white onsies.  I always give the 0-3 months or older because the newborns are too small too quick!  They go with everything and hold up beautifully!!!


The Ultimate Receiving Blanket.  Made with great patterns and colors.  They are actually large enough to wrap a baby in post 2 months!!!  They wash well and last forever!  Matching burp cloths are available but who passes up the cheap and useful cloth diaper option!

California Baby Products.  Love their shampoo, sunscreen and bubble bath.  Next up we are going to try the conditioner.  Ava is Loving bubble bath these days.  The products are safe and smell great!

Lansinoh Nursing Pads.  A must have for any nursing mom and these were my favorite bag.  You will need more than one box so stock up!

Nursing Tank Top.  I Lived in these and still do!  I have two in every color. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  You can find expensive versions at more maternity boutiques but the Target version cannot be beat!

Gallop. One of my favorite board books.  The pictures move and Ava loves it more everyday!  They also have two other books out with the same illustration technique.

Heading Home With Your Newborn: Birth to Reality. One of my favorite reference books.  Easy and fun to read.  It was written by two pediatricians but sounds more like two moms.  It is very realistic and you will love it!

Baby Legs.  All different patterns and colors they will keep your baby sylish, warm and easy access for diaper changing!  They are useful from about 2-3 months and up!!!  LOVE them!!!  Plus now that Ava is older they look adorable with her Tutu’s!

Trumpette Socks.  They stay on, they are cute what more can you ask for?!  I love the classic mary jane style but the cowgirls were perfect for my cousin.  There are even adorable styles for the boy in your life.  I just learned that now they have toddler sizes!!! I have to order some for Ava!!!!

Jelly Cat stuffed animals. They are the cutest, softest best ones around.  A must have for every kid.  Ava has a small snuggly, floor pillow, huge friend, soft book and even a baby activity version.  There is no end to the cuteness that is Jelly Cat.  All versions can be found on my favorite toy site oompa!  This horse was the perfect compliment to the cowgirl trumpette socks for my cousins upcoming arrival!

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STOP, Belly Time!

One of the reasons for my summer jaunt to Michigan was to attend my favorite cousins baby shower. For years Carly was my only other girl cousin and we thankfully have stayed close throughout the years. Despite a greater distance than I would like. Carly my be a bit anxious over her ever expanding belly but I could not be happier for her and her husband, Adam! I was also thrilled when she agreed to be my first maternity subject!  It was fun but much harder than I anticipated.  I tried some new processing and tried for a vintage feel on some of the shots, everything is a chance to learn, right?!  I hope I captured some moments for her to remember always!  Congratulations I cannot wait to meet little Alexa.  I just wish I was there to do the newborn shots as well!

The booties were handmade with love from my aunt/ grandma to be!  What a beautiful gift!

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Tessa Moon

My next session in Michigan was my cousins adorable 20 month old, Tessa Moon!  Who so sweetly learned Ava’s name during our visit. I cannot wait to get the girls together again during our November visit, they are getting so stinkin’ cute together!

The shoot was planned but with no naps that day and no set location done more on the fly than a well organized session. We went to a park near my grandma’s house, nothing spectacular but after all Tessa was the star!

Before I share some pics I have to rewind a bit. Just six weeks after I got my camera back in spring I was overly excited to do a shoot for Tessa. I picked the perfect location but made a total rookie mistake! I forgot to charge my battery AHHH!! So frustrating. I was able to shoot for about 5 minutes. It is shocking to compare those pics to where I am now in my photography. Can you say improvement!!!

These are all downloaded from my computer so they never are quite as sharp since the resolution is reduced

Cutie to be sure but look how off I was on color!

Cutie to be sure but look how off I was on color!

Michigan 2009 126

still learning but much better
first shoot

first shoot

recent shoot

Here are three more of my favorites from the recent shoot:

so sweet

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