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Two Glasses of Wine…

OK so this purchase may not have happened without the two glasses of wine but I still think they are pretty fabulous.

Tickle Monster Mitts!!! Yes, that is right!!! Your fingers poke through so you are able to still achieve the full tickle effect but with a major cuteness factor.  I just could not get the picture of Larry chasing Ava around the house in these out of my mind!  There was also a corresponding picture book but alas, it did not quite meet my children’s literature standards.


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A Must Read

A visiting friend recently recommended a must read blog. Being a “must read” I hardly had a choice! Let me share just how glad I am that I took some time tonight for a read. I bookmark very few blogs but this one immediately. In a matter of minutes I had laughed, smiled and cried. From her chosen poems and art to words of wisdom this mother is providing a wonderful gift to her daughter that we can all benifit from… ENJOY!

500 Pieces of Prudent Advice for My Baby Daughter

Just one for a laugh…how true!

#207: Coloring your hair is an ongoing commitment.

Think long and hard before you begin dyeing your hair – once you start it’s difficult to go back. A lot of upkeep is required to ensure your roots aren’t showing and the color hasn’t faded; a lot of energy is spent agonizing over the most flattering shade and complimentary tone. One day you may realize that you’ve spent endless hours and countless dollars in the salon chair just trying to recapture the beautiful hair color you were born with.

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I do not get to see my friend Em enough or her absolutely adorable daughter, Chloe! I miss our Sunday breakfasts and now possible play date opportunities.  Therefore, I treasure the time we do get and last month I even got to shoot Chloe’s 9 month photos and some mother daughter moments!  I have so many favorites from this shoot it was hard to pick just a few to share.  Check out my flickr account for more pics!  Also because Em is the amazing designer behind my new business logo I thought it fitting for her pics to be the very first ones watermarked!  Doesn’t it make them look pro!?

One of my favorite captures ever!

I LOVE Chloes expression!  Priceless!

I LOVE Chloe's expression! Priceless!

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Getting Closer

Thanks to my incredibly talented graphic designer friend Emily, I am one step closer to starting my business. Emily has designed me the perfect business logo…

Olive Hill Photography_logo_clr

I LOVE IT!!!  and yes, you guessed it my new business will be called Olive Hill Photography.  Since we live on Olive St. on a hill it fits perfectly.  The deeper purpose was that moving to Everett was difficult for me and yet so many wonderful joys have come from it; Ava, friends and this business.  This name celebrates those joys.  I feel blessed!  Thank you Larry for your endless support and love!!!

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Snack time… all the time! Ava is going through a very picky eating stage. I am lucky to get a full meal into her tummy once a day. To add to my anxiety she is falling off the weight chart. According to her last Doctor visit she has gone from the 50% to the 5% since birth. Although she is busy I have to admit I am slightly worried. When she does eat we load her with cheese, whole milk yogurt, eggs, avocado and other high fat foods at least what we can. AHH so frustrating!  We are also trying to cut back on the snacks in hope that her meals look more appetizing.  Of course snacks are still important and with a toddler on the go a necessity! So here is one more Costco find to add to your diaper bag of tricks! Ava’s new favorites!

veggie fries

Garden Veggie Straws– much healthier than chips but oh so yummy! I cannot keep Larry away from them!  Costco sells a large box with individual bags of various chips and straws.  Hope your little one loves them as much as mine!

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Citizen of the World

I just got my Tea Collection catalogue in the mail! This seasons line is Japanese influenced and there are some pieces I LOVE!!! In case you are not familar with the Tea Collection’s adorable clothing lines check out their website. Comfortable cottons, fabulous patterns and the clothes wash beautifully. Tea’s Daily Collection is more reasonably priced but it is always their world inspired collections that I am drawn to. And yes a bit more pricey! I have yet to actually order anything, the pieces Ava has were sale finds from Nordstroms. With this collection I may have to make an exception. Just check out a few of my favs!!!

LOVE the dress on the right!  Perfect with Avas new Ugg boots!

LOVE the dress on the right! Perfect with Ava's new Ugg boots!

With the above sweater and again those Uggs!! SO CUTE!

With the above sweater and again those Uggs!! SO CUTE!

I wonder where in the world Tea’s next inspiring line will stem?  With these clothes kids are stylish citizens of the world to be sure!

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Trouble Times Three

I have said it countless times but I just do not understand how one survives triplets. I bow in aw of my sister in law! My brain is fried some days with just one!

That being said, what adorable nephews and niece I have! Ava LOVES the big kids and has so much fun just watching them. I wish she lived closer to her cousins but am so glad for the family time we do have. At our last family BBQ I took some quick snap shots of the triplets here are some of my favorites. We love and miss you all!

Peace Dude!

Peace Dude!

Trouble Times Three!

Trouble Times Three!

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