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Happy Thanksgiving

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”- Oprah Winfrey

Thank you to all my friends and family for being in my life!  Thank you for adoring my little girl and showering her with all that is good!  Cheers to a wonderful holiday season…

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A Special Day

So it may have been 3 months ago but I finally processed the pictures necessary  to share Ava’s Baptism. What a wonderful day it was filled with family, friends and happiness. We were blessed to have a private ceremony headed by the wonderfully kind Bishop Stiener and friend of Larry’s family. With just a small group of people it felt so intimate and even more special.  Those family members that were not able to attend were missed and in our hearts!  Thank you to Uncle Todd and Auntie Mariah who claimed the titles of God Parents, what a wonderful gift, we are all so blessed to have you in our lives.  The ceremony was short and sweet and followed by a lovely celebratory lunch, thanks to Grandpa Fleckenstein and Grandma MoMo!  A day to remember…thanks to all our friend and family for being a part of Ava’s life, she is one lucky girl!

Look at my beautiful girl in her beautiful white dress and so happy:

Ava received a very special and grown up gift made with love.  A small silver jewely box engraved with an “A” and a handmade bracelete complete with her name.  It is absolutly perfect…and yes brought tears to my eyes…No doubt Ava has one especially terrific God Mother!  Side note: The gift enthralled her throughout the ceremony…and for weeks after Ava would not sleep without the box in hand and wanted to put her “pretty” (bracelet) safely away each morning!

Ava’s only girl cousin was so adorable and wore her fancy white dress for the occasion…too cute!

Because I just cannot decide here are some more pictures from this wonderful day!

The Family Shot!  Thanks to Tony the “photographer”

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Point and Shoot Worthy

Life with a toddler…is there anything better?

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Veggie Tales

OK so Ava is not a huge fan of vegetables. Ironically she loves peas but will no longer eat corn, sweet potato or squash…what is wrong with her? As a mom continuously worried and guilt ridden over good nutrition she is driving me insane! I think however, we found a solution. At least a temporary one…

It turns out that Ava LOVES V8!!!! A full serving a day right? At least that is what the commercial boasts! I guess as a mom we take what we can get!!!

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The L Family

Back in the spring Kelly graciously let me practice shooting on her adorable 14 month old, Lucy.  You may remember the cutie with some of the best expressions I have ever captured!  So, I was thrilled when she had me shoot her family this fall…all six of them! What a great learning experience for me…Thanks L family I hope you enjoy your sneak peak!

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Just Like Mama?

Ava completed her first piece of artwork this summer.

We pulled out the crayola beginner crayons and a large paper tablet and she went to town! What fun I cannot wait for painting!!!!

my little artist

the masterpiece... except for a few scribbles may be mine

We quickly graduated from Crayola’s beginner crayons, which I was not a fan of, to the jumbo version.  The beginner crayons were easier for her to hold but due to the construction of the top the color of the crayon was not obvious until use.  The Jumbo size does not break easily and is working out great!  Just the beginning!

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While looking for Christmas presents I came across an Etsy store that I MUST share, Little Sapling Toys. All wood hand carved toys that are simple, beautiful and encourage play and imagination. I have yet to place an order but am thinking this bowling set is a must have for my busy little girl that loves balls and booms!

Here are two of my other favorites: A Elephant grasping toy/teether and square wood staking toy. I just wish the elephant rattled and it would be perfect!

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