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Kissizm #2

This is in honor of my brother-in-laws recent engagement!  Congratulations and welcome to the family Auntie Kate.  We are so very happy for you both!

“Diamonds are a girls best friend, what does that mean? Girls like things that sparkle bright but have no real value. Diamonds are abundant, the only reason they cost so much is b/c one savvy family controls the market. When you put a diamond on a ring then on your wife’s finger what you are really saying is here is a ridiculously over-priced piece of carbon, a false treasure to represent my real love.”- Uncle Kiss

Yes all true but that carbon rock sparkles bright and is so very pretty!!! Cheers!!!


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My Scouts

I was so excited to head back to Michigan this fall so I could capture all the wonderful colors and piles of leaves. So imagine my disappointment when I arrived to a large expance of green trees. After about 48 hours however, I was reminded of the aw of nature as everthing seemed to shift overnight painting the trees with red, yellow and orange and decorating the ground with crunchy fun.  I enlisted my mom and Ava as fellow scouts as we searched for the perfect place for Ava’s fall photo shoot.  I had been wanting to check out the grounds of a local private boarding school, Cranbrook, so off we went…

I just love the colors in this series…and could these tights be any cuter?

This door was my favorite. I just love the texture and she had so much fun with that leaf…

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Kissizm #1

My bother Chris, AKA Uncle Kiss, is always posting random thoughts on Facebook. I love them and they always make me smile. So I am no introducing a new blog topic I call Kissizms. Ava can look back and enjoy her uncles random wittyness! (and yes I am aware that wittyness is not exactly a word but neither is kissizm so it works!!)

“Every snowflake is unique, just like every other snowflake.”– Uncle Kiss

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OMG: I Do Believe

WOW, OK just have to repost this…from cool mom picks

No more naughty children, Santa can now connected with your kids throughout the year~  Your kid a nonbeliever… just check in and you can be updated on Santa and what exactly he is doing…

There is an app for that… Santa calls or Santa Live… 

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Hair Raising Excitement

YAY they are here!! PIGTAILS!!!

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No Christmas cards, Christmas cookies and I have not even processed and posted all of Ava’s fall pics let alone the Christmas season. AH I need a motivational kick in the behind!

Although I do have to share this adorable apron from, Ice Milk Aprons I saw today on Cool Mom Picks. Talk about Christmas baking with style…too bad an $85 apron is hardly in the budget!

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Note to Ava: Do what I say and not what I did…

Back in high school my friends and I would often skip off campus in the fall. This was not allowed until senior year of course but as juniours our black kilts could easily pass for the seniour navy versions as we scurried across the parking lot to our cars. Fall in Michigan is my favoirite season and my high school was just 8 minutes from a family run cider mill.  MMM…nothing better than hot cider, warm doughnuts and the thrill of escape.

Larry’s first trip home we went and just a month ago Ava got her first visit to the Franklin Cider Mill. I cannot wait until she is old enough to do some posing not exactly a site for free range toddler, but a memory nonetheless.

and her happy, cutie face always with eyes closed!

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