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Fun With Food!

Family, a birthday and a month worth of outings…with hundreds of pictures to sort through and edit I thought I would spend some time sharing some fun finds.  Ava received this very cool plate for her birthday. I cannot wait to get creative perhaps it will improve her currently non existent appetite!  As stated by the wonderful friend that gifted it, “this may be more for you and Larry!”  So true, but isn’t all the best kids stuff partly for the parents???!!!

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Old School: Mama Trick

Ava has had a terrible diaper rash, I mean terrible.   After days of Butt Paste a friend shared that dusting corn starch like baby powder will keep the area dry and clear up the rash faster. With Ava in tears whenever she had to “go” I was desperate. I put some corn starch in a salt shaker by her diaper table and the results were almost immediate! Her rash is gone!  Now if only I could get the rash on her face to make the same exit… I fear it may just be time to say bye bye to the paci!

I love mama secrets like this… does anyone else have something fun to share?

**warning after research a diaper rash caused by a yeast infection should not be treated with corn starch.  Apparently not Ava’s case and this was a life saver!

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Worth a Bookmark

A friend recently shared a couple of her favorite daily internet shopping stops. The last thing I need in my life is more to buy but I still find myself checking out these links everyday and each day it is one new incredible deal. Beware things go fast! Sometimes they are sold out an hour after posting. I figure one day I might just hit something I need… there are some GREAT deals to be found… Good Luck!


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This picture almost makes me forget that the terrible two’s are now upon us!

I could not love her more!

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My Irish Lass/ DIVA!

Check out Ava’s green… my little Irish Lass.   And those glasses… is she a movie star or what!!!

Grammy's favorite



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“If it wasn’t for bad luck I would have no luck at all.”~ old family joke

Hope your St. Patty’s day was filled with a wee bit of luck and even a little magic! Cheers!

Thanks to my brother and Larry St. Patty’s day was not left uncelebrated.  There is nothing like homemade potato skins and a few Guinness’ to toast my favorite holiday!

Cheers indeed!

Our Irish luck brought Grammy’s arrival… all the magic we needed!

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Down Time

I have been taking a little blogging down time. I have just not been able to find time these days to sit a write let alone load and edit pictures… Hopefully an upswing is coming soon I do have a lot to share and the pictures to edit are piling up!

Meanwhile Ava and I have been enjoying the sunny spring and some much needed family time. Uncle Chris has been visiting and Grammy arrives tomorrow, next week Pa and then the big BIRTHDAY!!! I always seem to take this down time when I have the most to share… HA figures…

Here are my furry babies enjoying some down time as well… because they never get as much screen time as Ava!

Love that nose!

Simon has such incredible eyes!


Lola has had this bear since her puppy days!  At one time it housed a box that made the heartbeat sound and slept with her in the crate.  These days the bear is empty but still loved and carried everywhere!  I just love how she will carry him to a resting spot and lay her head on him… I have wanted this picture for years!

Bear with her Bear!

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First Comes Love…

In just weeks this beautiful couple will be welcoming their newest family member!  What lovely subjects they made for my second full maternity shoot thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy your sneak peak!  I am loving maternity sessions… such an exciting time in peoples lives to capture!

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Just Like Mommy

I love that when she takes off her shoes and socks she stuffs the socks into the shoes just like me!!! Mimic, Mimic!!! LOVE IT!!

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