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A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every passer byer leaves a mark.” ~Chinese Proverb

Thank you to all those who have left and continue to leave your mark… your hugs… your hand… your love … your friendship.  Ava is truly blessed!

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Songs That Make Me Cry

So on the way to the children’s museum today Ava and I were rocking out to Taylor Swift! Yes rocking out! When her song “The Best Day” came on. I sat and really listened to the lyrics until the tears came. It is a song about a mother and daughter. If you have a little girl and have not really listened to these words I dare you to do it without tears! The time is already moving so fast and I just hope as the years pass I am still a person of strength, comfort and unconditional love in Ava’s eyes. There are no words to express motherhood, the emotion at times is so overwhelming and the love so complete.

Other songs that make me a blubbery mess:

“Family Tree” Frances England (especially as you start thinking about #2)

“You and Me” Frances England

“Forever Young” The Pretenders (HA you remember this one.. cannot get through it without tears)

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Great Yarn

I mentioned a while back that I was going to take a knitting class…check…  class complete and I LOVE knitting!

For years I have walked in yarn stores just to take a look.  The colors and textures are enough to make any artist go gaga but I always assumed that I would never have the patience for knitting.  Well time will tell but for now I am loving it!  A friend called it, “yoga for the mind.”  How true.  It is so relaxing and allows me to loose focus on everything but what I am working on!  Currently that includes my first scarf and a luxuriously soft baby blanket!  Most likely it will take me months to finish even one of these but how proud I will be when I finally do complete something!

My dream goal will be to knit something special for each newborn package above a certain amount.  Something adorable that I could photograph and then gift for being a valued client.  We will see…

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“The Little Mouse, The Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear”

10 times already today! Ava is obsessed with this book. After we read it we stomp around like bears and sing. So cute~ For those that are unfamilar Audrey Wood is an incredible author. Her husband is the illustrator and what pair they make. My other toddler favorites include; “Piggies”, “The Napping House”, and “Quick as a Cricket”

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Ava has new fun bath toys!  Boon’s water bugs and ring toss.  We love all of Boon’s bath products and we may just house all of them at this point!  Ava also received a very fun new toy from Grandpa Fleckenstein and Grandma MoMo… the Stack n’ Stream Tub Fountain.  Bath time has never been more fun!

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Another belated post…

Easter was uneventful but it was lovely to see family.  And finally a picture of Auntie Lisa with Ava… Not the best pic but a wonderful moment nevertheless!

I was all set.  I had Ava’s easter basket full with a new tradition in the works; when she woke there would be a string of yarn to follow leading to the easter basket.  Fun, right?!  Unfortunately Ava spent Easter recovering from a fever and I totally forgot about her Easter basket until the end of the day! HA…. Motherhood… never can truly plan!  I tried for pics a few times with only failure… good thing Easter comes every year!

Now for the story of black cat:

Since Ava was a baby she has been drawn to Grandpa Fleckenstein’s black cat.  Grandma MoMo would always share black cat in Ava’s bed each time she would visit.  One day Ava realized that black cat was at two of the stores we frequented.  At first I was concerned that black cat would not be left in the stores without buckets of tears.  To my surprise I was wrong.  Each time we would leave the store Ava would return black cat to sleep with all his other friends!!!  This trip south however, Ava was NOT prepared to let go of black cat let alone leave him behind.  TEARS, TEARS and more TEARS!  When grandpa gave in allowing black cat to become Ava’s new favorite, I mean FAVORITE friend.  Thank you grandpa.. he is being well loved and cared for and will hopefully be visiting you and MoMo soon!

Black Cat

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One of the things I miss most about Portland is the ease of the city. Of course there were times when traffic was not pleasurable but after experiencing Seattle traffic I may have to amend those thoughts! It was so easy to get to, park and enjoy Portland… not to mention a whole lot cheaper.

Seattle is a great town, don’t get me wrong but so difficult to actually take advantage of especially with a little one.  We mostly reserve trips to the city for visitor outings.  Here are some pictures from one of our most recent excursions.  Finding it impossible to get a good shot of Ava I turned to photographing the city something I rarely do as people are more my thing.  It was fun however to attempt creativity in a different genre. I must remember to experiment more often.  Variety is good for the artistic sole!    These were all taken near the famous Pike Place Market… and home of the very first Starbucks!

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