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Over the past two years I have come to the conclusion that Ava never takes a bad picture! A beauty inside and out, that is my photogenic girl.

But sometimes I will take a picture that takes my breath way. It is my baby so perfectly captured that years from now it is one that will bring tears to my eyes.  A picture that for me truly captures the soul of my baby… the funny thing is you may not see it the same.  Photography and art is strange like that, how it speaks to each person… hmmm….

I love her looks and those curls, I always want to remember those curls!

Those curls... LOVE them!!!!

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Dog Club

Our furry dog park friends… Plus a little portfolio building for my pet galleries!  What a good looking group!  Ava cannot get enough of park time and these furry friends are so great with her~ what a lucky girl… who will never be afraid of dogs!  (for better or worse!)





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Being Creative

Sometimes my creative brain causes me to do things like this….take a picture through a drinking glass. And sometimes by creative brain is crazy enough to kinda like it!  For any fellow photogs I think I am ready for my lensbaby composer!!!  Side note:  Lensbaby is a portland company, rock on!!!!

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I finally threw a lens on my old D60, set it to auto, and put Larry to work. I wanted some candids of Ava and I here were the results: I HATE having my picture taken…I hate how I look always,  but I am sure I will treasure these forever.

Larry being artsy, angle and all!

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Being Daddy!

There is nothing a daddy will not do for his little girl! True love indeed!

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Good Sports

My friends Quinn and Nate are the best sports! Always up for pictures, which lets face it makes me like them even more, as if that were possible! They are two of the sweetest kids I have ever known and wonderful with Ava.  Thanks guys! Here are a couple shots from dog park time.  I had always wanted to try the cliche` dandelion blowing shot!  No matter how many photographers do this it never gets old.  It is a true glimpse of the wonders of childhood…

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My Birthday Gift

My birthday is still a few days away but I already received my gift from Larry. A new 85mm lens. It is so sharp I am going to LOVE it!!! Thanks to my loving husband I will be posting more beautiful portraits soon. Just check out these two. Have you ever seen such a beauty?

And just to share here is a 100% crop of Ava’s gorgeous eye.  SHARP!!!

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1,2, 3…Imagine

Sesame Street Live came to out town. With connections in the ticket office we ended up with front row floor seats. They were AMAZING!   So close, Ava could even stand and dance and the characters came by throughout the entire show passing out high fives.  I am afraid it will need to be front row seats every year… the only way to go for sure!

When we arrived I noticed they had replaced the street signs with yes, Sesame Street.  Parents were lined up taking pictures of their kids underneath the sign.  This is the moment I realized I forgot my camera!  REALLY!! AHHH!  I tried to remind myself all day, “point and shoot, point and shoot.”  Thank goodness for the internet I can post a few shots that were not taken by me but nevertheless will document the experience!

I have never seen Ava so excited. To say she had a blast would be an understatement.  Thankfully there happened to be a chalk mark on the floor in front of us.   I explained to Ava that she needed to stand behind the chalk mark.  It worked like a charm!  She would look down at her feet often and scooch back and then resume her dancing! It is the only thing that kept her from running on stage!   She shouted often at her TV friends; wanting to show them her snuffy, her necklace, tell them she loved them.  It was too cute.  I was sure that it would be Elmo that was the most exciting… NO wrong… Big Bird!  Abby and Elmo took close seconds.

Of course there was no escaping the merchandising nightmare they had in place.  With stands throughout Ava ended up with a spinning, light elmo toy.  I was sure that this would be the only splurge until intermission…. When a man carrying hundreds of Elmo ballons walked onto the floor.  You have to be kidding me how do you escape that one?  Ava was pretty good until her friend received her Elmo balloon and then it was all over… $10!!!!!  Yes a $10 balloon!  All in all the experience was worth every penny. I cannot wait until next year!

OK I will look at the camera but I will not smile!

Snuffy, the chosen one for our adventure!

The Elmo toy

The $10 balloon!

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One more…

Because I cannot get enough of this cuteness!!!

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Lola’s best friend is a big brother! How exciting! Ava and I had the best afternoon getting our puppy fix with the newest member of our “dog club”, Echo. The adorable puppiness was almost too much to handle! I cannot believe how much she looks like her big brother. We will be back soon for more snuggles and kisses!

Friends from the beginning…

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