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June. It is June.

Although you would never guess it based on the weather here in the Northwest. ENOUGH OF THE RAIN!!! Seriously, this has to be the longest stretch with hardly no spring and no signs of summer. With Ava and I preparing for our trip back east tomorrow promises of warmer weather may become a reality. Just my luck warmer but the forecast the day we arrive… RAIN! That’s right!

With the sun a distant memory Ava and I run for the outdoors at any sight of that yellow ball hanging in the sky!  The other afternoon we made a mad dash for the beach.  Ava LOVES the water, sand and rocks and mama wanted to try out a new camera lens.  I did not get too many shots but I did decide I liked the lens and it was a good decision to trade in my old zoom for a wider angle.  FUN!

Here are some pics to leave you with.  It will be a couple weeks till my next post but I am sure I will have lots to blog when I return.  A baby meet-up with my college roomie and my cousins cutie I have yet to meet are just a few posts I cannot wait to share! Cheers and I hope the sun is back in the sky by the time I return!

I just love how her little feet are bare and crossed!

From not wanting dirt at all to LOVING messiness!

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With the exception of final tweaks and editing my Photography Business is off the ground!   Off the ground but not quite running… hopefully I will get there!  You can now check out the official site of Olive Hill Photography!


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