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A Welcome Addition!

I was so excited when I heard that my cousin Carly and her family were making a trip east the same time as Ava and I! Not only is she my closest cousin but I had not yet met her daughter, Alexa, now 8 months old! Unfortunatly I was not feeling good the day of the family BBQ and there never seems to be enough time to catch up, especially when you are chasing after children. Alexa was not exactly coopertive when it came to me taking her picture although I will admit I just tried a few snaps. Another time that cutie will have to put up with a more complete shoot! Until then here are just a couple pics! I cannot wait until next Christmas, yes NEXT christmas as we will not be together again until then.  We will have a house full of little ones it will be magic!

and because I love eyelashes!

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Daily Vitamins

I loved this banner at the Detroit Zoo:

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Family Time

Ava and I spent a wonderful 10 days in Michigan this summer.  Although I have very few photos of documentation.  Pa and Uncle Chris arrive here soon for some northwest fun and we are hoping to make a return visit in October.  I LOVE fall in Michigan so I am planning on a complete Ava shoot and some family shots.  I have decided I need to improve on the family snap shot front.  I seem to miss those everyday moments.

Grammy prepared the house for toddler Ava, complete with a new bed and room of her own!  We got lots of good quality time with the whole crew complete with a trip to the Detroit Zoo, boy did that bring back some memories!

This summer Ava also got to spend a couple days with my cousins daughter, Tessa.  They are about 5 months apart and with each visit home it is exciting to see how their interaction changes.  The blow up pool was a big hit along with the sandbox which Ava referred to as “the beach!”

Each time I am home it is a reminder of just how hard it can be to live so far away.  I am so incredibly grateful that we have been able to travel back so often.  I believe this trip was Ava’s 10th.  Not bad for two years old!

Love the tongue curl!

Tessa Moon


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Before The End

Well it looks like the northwest has called and early end to summer…

Rain is coming and it feels like fall. I thought I should have one more summer blog header before the fall photos begin. Cheers and I hope it is warmer where ever you are!

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Long Enough…

Three months… at least I hope it has only been three months.  That being said I CANNOT believe it has been three months!

In some ways it has been nice to put something on hold but at the same time I have missed blogging and HATE feeling behind.  There is something about recording thoughts and memories that makes it seem formally archived.  It is so easy to forget the day to day smiles and adventures and with children it all seems to fly by so fast.

I am amazed that anyone is still out there checking in but I am working to get caught up and appreciate your diligence. My little darling is going to have a huge hole in her second year of life if I do not snap to it!  From some wonderful family time in Michigan to a monumental catch up with a great old friend, Our five year anniversary!, milestones to document, quirks to record and news to report I have a big job ahead of me.  My goal is to write a post a day until I am caught up, although I am mostly typing that in hopes that if it is in black and white I will be forced to follow through.

In the meantime here are some current favorites:

AVA RIGHT NOW:  29 months

  • She is talking away and regular chatty Cathy!  It is amazing how words turn into sentences and into stories so quickly.  Some of my favorites; “Crazy, mama or That’s Crazy!”, “What you doing, mama?, What you doing daddy?”,  “One more time?”, “perfect!”, “AVA DID IT!!!” or the stubborn “AVA DO IT!”  and finally “yah I think so”  I just LOVE this phase it gets more fun everyday!
  • SINGING!  I love her little voice.  She sings “The itsy bitsy spider”, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, “Mr. Sun” and some Wiggles of course.  Not quite all the lyrics are in place but it is perfect in my opinion!
  • REPEAT: First it was “The Lion King” then it was “Toy Story” now we are on to “Finding Nemo” at least she has good taste I love pixar even over and over!  Side note: I am thinking maybe Jessie from Toy Story 2 will be the halloween costume this year! More to come on halloween soon!
  • Ave rode a horse for the first time!!! Riding helmet and all.  Her smile was ear to ear she talked about it for days.  I told Larry to start saving for horse camp!  Of course I was too busy walking around with her to get  a picture…. mental picture I guess. I will NEVER forget that smile!!!!!

Here are some pictures from earlier in the summer that I never posted…  I just love this kid!

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