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A Grateful Heart

I love that term; Grateful Heart. Although, I must give credit to my friend who coined this term while she posted the lovely grateful thoughts throughout November on Facebook. Thanksgiving may have passed but since anytime is a good time to reflect on those things we are grateful for here are just a few…

• My Larry, my partner, my love. Although there are times, especially tired, uncomfortable and pregnant that I do not show it my life is only complete because I wake up everyday next to someone that I know will always love and support me.
• My Ava, love beyond what I thought love could be. I cannot imagine a day without hearing her perfect voice and laugh.
• My Ella soon to join our family. Each kick, roll and nudge a moment just between us.
• My best friend who is always at the other end of the phone, everyday. Who is the voice in my heart as I raise my girls… the best mom… my mom.
• That I question, wonder, search for answers and opinionated qualities that took time to grow into but so grateful to have and pass to my children, thanks dad.
• For a brother that has become more a part of my life and more importantly my Ava’s it is a joy and honor to be on the sidelines watching that love grow.
• My extended family who despite distance are in our hearts always.
• Friends, some of which are much farther away than I would choose but everyday present in my heart. Incredible mothers who instead of judging, comparing and competing support, encourage and lift my spirit.
• Starbucks for providing my mommy sippy cup when I just need something for myself.
• Warm chocolate chip cookies and milk wrapping up a long pregnant day with childhood memories.
• A warm shower and nap time which I am currently about to enjoy….

Most days I know how truly blessed my life is. Of course I could have included all those things we take for granted; not just a house but a home, my car that gets be from point A to point B even with a warm butt thanks to a handy button, warm food in endless supply… I think I am like most people however, we forget the little things. It is hard to stop, realize and truly feel the happiness that life offers. Although I am grateful beyond words I hope someday to be able to remain more often in a state of peace, gratefulness and happiness.

In the wise words of Simon and Garfunkel;
“Slow down, you move too fast.
You got to make the moments last.
Just kicking down the cobble stones.
Looking for fun and feelin’ groovy.”

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Potty Time

Since the diaper came off in August this post may be a bit belated but an important milestone to document nevertheless!

Potty Training.  Just those words sent me into panic.  We were in a nice cozy routine why upset it?  But then Ava started taking off her own diaper and wanting to go on the potty, I guess it was time.  There are so many theorys out there on this subject it is enough to confuse anyone.  So, instead of totally overwhelming myself I decided not read anything and just do what seemed to work and felt right at the time.  After all kids have been moving through this stage for centuries so we too would get there eventually!

We had purchased some of the essentials many months prior just and an introduction so she would feel comfortable with her little potty’s and what they were used for.



  • Potty/ potty’s
  • books on going potty
  • love having the flush-able wet wipes

Not sure which direction to go in we got both the small seat for the big potty and an individual potty just for Ava.  In the end I am glad we had both.  First off with three floors in our house it was nice to have two covered with options. Second she has had moments where she likes the small potty better, although we encourage the big potty most of the time.

One Saturday the diaper came off that was it.  We asked consistently if she had to go and put her on the potty every two hours even if she claimed she did not have to.  In the beginning the diaper was off all day at home except for nap time and night time (I am still worried that she is not quite ready for control while sleeping).  It was only a matter of days before Ava would say “no diaper have to go in the potty,” each time the diaper came off!  We have worked up to outings. At first I would put a pull up on for outings then I would put one on for the car and take it off when we got somewhere now we are working to no pull up on outings and so far so good!  Three months and we have had maybe 6 accidents.. not bad in my opinion!  She gets super excited to pick out a special pair of underwear each day princess or animals???  Oh, the decisions of toddlerhood!

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Target Hits the Mark

Target is never a sure thing for me when shopping for  Ava’s wardrobe.  It is one of those places where I ALWAYS look but rarely buy clothes.  But sometimes Target totally hits the mark!  Two of my favorite tops this season are part of Target’s Genuine Kids collection.  LOVE THEM!  In fact I find that most of the things I end up with from Target are this brand.

Ava is just as happy both tops earned the needing to wear them to bed on their first trip out of the drawer.  I am pretty sure it is the flowers!

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A Beautiful Day

California may have the warmth, Michigan has much sunnier winters but NOTHING beats a beautiful day in the northwest!

The Snohomish River



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When we did not make it to the pumpkin patch back in Michigan and then returned to the northwest clouded in rain I thought dreams of this years pumpkin patch visit had ended.  So last week when I woke up to what appeared to be a dry day I jumped on the opportunity!  It turned out to be a beautiful day and Ava had SO much fun!  We walked through the patch where she picked out her very own pumpkin.  She was VERY sure of her choice!  She got to see all the farm animals,  laughed at the noisy pigs (and made pig noises of her own) and petted the kittens and bunnies.  The kittens were her favorite.  She kept going back saying, “mama they are so cutie!”  “LOOK!”  One of the most exciting adventurers however, was a room with 2 feet of corn cornels for children to play in.  She had a blast!  And just when you thought there could not be any more pictures of Ava here are more….

These were taken 5 minutes apart CRAZY, just look at the sky differences

tired eyes and not quite a smile but my girl nevertheless!

The Corn Room

Her Pumpkin

one day I would like to do an entire apple shoot... I love apples in the fall!

My Beauty

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I am terrible at taking just family snap shots.  My goal in Michigan was to get some of Ava with my family… so much for good intentions.  I did get a few of my mom with Ava that I love although I am sad to report none of Uncle Chris or Pa.  NEXT TIME…  I even handed my camera off to a good Samaritan something that never happens for a rare photo, three generations.  I of course hate the pic of me but love that I at least have one of the three of us!

She may not be smiling but I love that it was in front of the chapel where my parents were married!

Three Generations


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