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Happy Christmas Morning

“Santa brought me Cars!”

This year Ava knew exactly who Santa was and exactly what Santa does. Asked for only one thing, the movie “Cars”. Which I find funny because she had actually never seen the movie. It was playing once during our five minute wait at the dentist and that is all it took. She started recognizing cars everywhere and even chose a Cars lego set over Toy Story.   All season when you would ask what she wanted Santa to bring there was only one answer, “Cars”

This year Ava helped make cookies and choose carefully three for Santa and three for Rudolph!!!  Too cute!  Next year we will have to make some reindeer feed to leave along with the cookies!  She even colored our Santa note thanking him for his visit.

Sticking to our tradition of three gifts plus one from Santa and a stocking, Ava did not have too many presents to open.  Although with uncle Chris, Pa and Grammy in the mix that did double the experience.  It took Ava about 3 hours to open all her gifts.  I LOVE IT!!!   She is so not the kid ripping one package after another and asking for more.  She thought each gift was the last and had to open it, play with it and explore before another gift could be presented!  I was thrilled that this year every gift was a hit.  Both here on Christmas morning and down south with the Fleckenstein gang.  Jackpot on the perfect gifts!

Gifts this year included; a pillow pet, a princess doll for the bath, a doctors kit, more wood food for her play kitchen and wood stamps and art supplies.  Spoiled and happy thank you family!!!

From us and Santa; “Cars” of course!  A shopping cart full of handmade felt food, plates and bowls with accessories for a tea party, A princess crown and wand hand picked by daddy and a stocking full of goodies.  SUCCESS!!!  Next year will be double the fun with Ava even more aware and a little sister along for the holiday ride, we are truly blessed!

And Santa, well he spoiled me as well!  Not sticking to the NO GIFT THIS YEAR RULE.  I had a special box under the tree…

A new i pad.... fun for the whole family!

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Last year no family Christmas Card.  Now that alone is bad enough but as a photographer kind of a crime.  Here I always have beautiful pictures of my little darling and yet I do very little with them.  This year I was determined to get a card out!  Of course, as always, it would be only of Ava.  With me behind the camera we lack in the family photo department.  I think next year it will be time to hire a photographer!

In Ava tradition she wanted nothing to do with the camera or posing.  I must share that mama/ photographer frustration is taking over me lately in this department!  Ava does however LOVE the Christmas tree and I must say I love these pictures!  Merry Christmas to you all!!!!



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My brother made it out for a pre-holiday visit!  Although he spent a majority of his visit sick he was able to join us on our annual family outing to Farmer Brown’s Tree Farm.  As children we never cut down our own christmas trees.  It was always a trip to the suburban tree lot.  I LOVE that this was a tradition in Larry’s family and now will continue with our girls.  My quirky twist… naming the tree before arriving on site.  I love to name things but also it helps me focus in on exactly who I am looking for.  After all a tree named everett inevitably looks different than a Howard!  This year we were on a hunt for Tiberius!

Of course the beauty of my naming tradition is that I always get a large say in just exactly who we take home!  As always we found the perfect tree and with the perfect little helper and some teamwork he made it back to our family room!  I am grateful that Uncle Chris was able to experience a little toddler magic for the holidays.  There is nothing better than this time of year with kids and this year Ava has been so much fun!  Next year… almost four!  AND… almost one!  Christmas times two kids will only be better!

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Ava received the princess edition!

Ava received her first Christmas gift the other day from her dear friend, Emma.  Her mother and I decided to exchange the same gift to each of the girls.  A gift that until recently I had forgotten about and did not think even still existed in the world of toys, The Fisher Price Viewmaster.  I remember LOVING mine as a kid!  Although I try to stay away from plastic toys there are some that simply are too fun and nostalgic to pass on.  I also spotted the Fisher Price plastic record player on a toy site!  NO WAY!  That was another childhood favorite, perhaps for Ella someday!

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Diary Of A Wimpy Mom

Dear Diary,

I should have done this a year ago…. and to be honest it is not even my choice now…. WHY? BECAUSE I AM A WIMP!

Ava is now in her room crying, crying and more crying.  After no nap today!  “Mama, mama… where is paci?”  “Where is it mama?”  “I want a new one, mama, mama, mama?”  “please”

For months I have made excuse after excuse to not take away the paci.  An upcoming plane ride, visitors, holidays… the excuse list is endless.  Yet I was also feeling that it was now or not for a while.  With Ella arriving next month either it had to happen now or well after her birthday as I would not want her to associate me taking the paci with her new baby sister.  The Pediatrician wanted it gone at 18 months but the pediatric dentist gave me a better sounding window, by three.  In retrospect I wish I would have gone with the pediatrician but always easier to say would have, could have!   My goal was next week after Christmas.  Although this week HAD to end with one last curve ball and here it is…

Ava bit through all her paci’s  in her words they were broken no longer created the soothing sucking sensation she has become dependent on.  So what to do?  Last time this happened about two months ago after hours of tears, mine and Ava’s, I sent Larry to the store.  WIMP!!!!  Now one week away from my weaning goal we are now a day in a half into no more paci.

Last night it was 10pm before she fell alseep.  She would throw her broken paci, pick it up, cry, yell at it, ask for a new one, cry more.  All from behind the locked door of her room as I listened through the monitor to my heartbroken child.  Non-sleeping times she has been fine without it, not even asking for it, at least that is something.  Today NO NAP again asking for a new paci, saying over and over “its broken, its broken.”  At this point I am not sure who is more distraught.

As I listen and hope that the next minute will be the last, she will fall asleep and wake up never needing or asking for the paci again my mind is racing.  Will my once wonderful sleeping, napping child totally change her schedule?  A schedule that has been keeping me together with a new baby on the way?  Am I scaring her for life?  What will car rides be like as sleeping and car rides where her paci addiction periods? The truth is I still do not know what is ahead or how long it will take for her to stop asking and hoping for the paci’s return…

I started writing this 25 minutes into her softly crying for me and paci.  Now it is quiet perhaps, and maybe I am being overly hopeful, she will recover and be done by the beginning of the week… Here is to hope! And a good luck and warm hug to all mothers who have had to say, “bye, bye, paci!”

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Love This!

Ava LOVES snakes and I LOVE THIS snake. In words Ava would use, “It is so cutie I want to buy it!” If only I had endless funds. I spotted this a while ago on a blog and fell in love, forgot about it and just spotted it again at the Land of Nod. If only I had endless funds as it is a whopping $64!!!!

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For anyone who knows this title was stolen from a beloved children’s book. Although Greta is not the main character but a precocious Alexander… I thought it appropriate for the week~

35 Weeks pregnant and averaging 1-2 hours of sleep a day and life with a two year old should be enough to take in! But to my dismay this week keeps throwing me curve balls.  Nothing life altering mind you but enough already, I’m too tired for this!  I needed to vent!

  1. Ava has decided that no nap or a short nap is all she needs these days.  Right before a new baby is not the time I want these schedules to change!
  2. My normally well behaved dog had now eaten 4 toys… what is up Lola?  Sensing change also perhaps?
  3. Ava’s water cup leaked ruining 4 board board books 😦
  4. Our vacuum broke
  5. Our roof is leaking
  6. Ava has decided that I must carry her down the stairs… everything else she MUST do by herself even if it results in a frustrating meltdown
  7. One minute from arriving at play class and Ava throws up 4 times… no play class, no change of clothes until we got home and have you ever had to clean out a car seat?!
  8. Our Christmas Cards showed up with the wrong family name printed on them!  Seriously?
  9. My heartburn will NOT go away!
  10. Despite my best effort my nap has been interrupted 5 times by phone calls… and I NEVER get phone calls….

That is my top ten for this week and it is not yet Friday!  I am looking forward to Christmas and having Larry home for some support for a least a few days!  Thanks for listening!

Thought this expression was fitting!


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