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Sisters: An Introduction

Ava this is your baby sister Ella.
Ella this is your big sister Ava.

Wow what an incredible journey motherhood is. How you move through life not being able to imagine motherhood. To not being able to imagine your life without that role. From feeling like one perfect baby completes your family entirely to not knowing how the second baby was not there all along. Your heart the whole time just growing bigger and more full.

I did not have my camera out when Ava entered the hospital room and saw Ella for the first time.  I remember she said, “Hi Mama!”  She had a huge smile on her face.  When she saw Ella her smile disappeared.  Not because she was unhappy but how odd it must have been to actually see a real baby and not just my big tummy.  Her eyes were wide.  She gave Ella a gentle kiss on the forehead, said Hi and than ran to the window.  I think it is a pretty typical almost three year old response.

Overall, Ava has done well with Ella’s arrival.  She is gentle and sweet but also needing reassurance that she is indeed important and her role with Larry and I has not changed.  The first time Larry held Ella for an extended period Ava walked in, looked at him and said, “daddy put the baby away.”  When he responded that he was holding baby Ella she looked at me an said, “you hold it.”  We have good moments and bad moments.  Times she proclaims with excitement and pride that she is a big sister and times when clearly she is feeling the spotlight has shifted and creates any dramatic way she thinks of to shift it back.  It is an adjustment for sure, but I also know that sharing baths, playing dolls, baking cookies and sisterly bear hugs are in our future.

My loves and Ava’s first time holding her little sister…

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Ella Elizabeth  1/29/11

7 pounds 7 ounces

19.5 inches

Today Ella is one month… I figure a perfect day to share her birth story.

On January 28th one day before my due date I arrived at my midwife appointment frustrated… VERY frustrated.  I was sure that although this appointment was made months prior there was no way I would actually need it.  Ella would be coming early I was sure of it!  Well, I was wrong!

I also was shocked when my favorite midwife, Sky who was present at Ava’s birth, presented me with an unexpected option.  I was already 5 cm dilated and 80% effaced with these numbers Sky offered to induce me the next day, my official due date!  We of course would need an OK from the hospital the next day before we could head in and put this plan into action.  I left the appointment hopeful and excited that Ella’s birthday was just around the corner!

January 29th 10:00 am I received a call from the head nurse who asked if I would like to have a baby today!  This was it… With my mom in town and Ava in GREAT hands we arrived at the hospital at 11:30 am. What a strange experience to arrive with no contractions no physical pain urging you on convincing you that indeed a baby was on the way.  From the moment I arrived this birth was entirely different than Ava’s!

The idea was to break my water and walk, walk, walk until labor began naturally.  We tried that but after two hours of inconsistent contractions we moved on to starting potocin to move things along.  Whoa… that worked labor here we come!  I labored without drugs much longer than with Ava and then finally relief my epidural began!  Although what a difference with Ava my epidural was so strong that I felt NO pain. Good on one hand but mostly it caused problem after problem and I could not really aid or experience the birth the way I should have.  This time around pain but mangaeable and perfect I was there experiencing and helping throughout the process.

9:02 pm:  Eight hours after breaking my water, with the second fabulous nurse of the day and an incredible midwifes support, 25 minutes of pushing with Larry by my side,  Ella arrived…

So, how do you put an actual birth into words.  Even when I watch TLC’s A Baby Story, and that is not me, I am flooded with emotion.  For nine months I knew that a baby was coming.  I grew bigger and bigger and heard that amazing sound of her heartbeat.  I felt kicks, bumps and hiccups.  I saw her little arms and legs kicking around and counted her fingers and toes on a black and white ultrasound screen.  We named her, washed her clothes, folded the blankets and talked about all the changes heading our way.  And yet I was not prepared at all because in that moment, after the last push, when I reached down and pulled Ella from me to my chest, tears flowed and all words escaped me.  Filled with emotion that you cannot name I held and kissed perfection for the second time in my life.

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TOP 10!!!

WOW!!! I am so honored! I entered my handmade felt play mat in Rikrak’s Homemade Olympic contest… AND… it made the TOP 10!!!!

I cannot tell you how exciting this is!  If you have a moment please click on the Rikrak picture link below and vote for my item:

Felt Play Mat by Tulle and Toile! There are so many amazing items in all the events so take a look around!  But vote for me~ HA!



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A Valentine Play Date

What fun! Ava is finally at that magical age where crafts, parties and holidays are a blast! With Ella 7 days old I hosted a Valentine Play Date for Ava’s girlfriends; Emma and Kaya! I am not sure who had more fun the girls or the moms! They were so much fun to watch together and I always love to have some mommy talk time!  This was also the first play date where all the girls and their siblings were in attendance; 6 kids and 4 adults! It will be so exciting watching all these little ones grow!

The play date was a group effort. Thanks to my dear friends that provided the most delicious shortbread cookies and frosting!  YUM!  And my mom, without her support I could never have pulled it together!  I was in charge of crafts for the creation of some beautiful Valentines!  Cookies, art, stickers and what is a party without a goodie bag.  I LOVE making goodie bags.  Check out the adorable heart hair clips I made.  The perfect Valentine accessory!  Ava got a special kick out of the heart shaped sandwiches for lunch which reminds me that I should attempt such food tricks more often!  All in all a wonderful success!

craft supplies, goodie bags and lunch

My Valentine

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“We never know the love of a parent until we become one ourselves” ~unknown

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