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Yippee Ava is Three!

Where exactly did the time go?

Ava is three and on her way to preschool in the fall. School…

She is ready! And in many ways so am I although I know now that I will be the mom that cries on the first day!

Anyway back to the birthday… I think that the day pretty much sums up my Ava right now!  I went in cheerful and singing happy birthday only to hear my consistently stubborn child respond, “No mama I do not want my birthday.”  HA, control above all else sometimes!  Of course moments later she was playing party and singing happy birthday with her toys.  She was blissfully happy playing birthday all day.  Even though she knew cake and presents were coming later the imaginary cake and presents were just as exciting… I just LOVE this age!!!  When daddy arrived home we begun the festivities… her favorite dinner followed by a family cooking session of Molten Lava Cake… YUM!  To Ava the cake did not matter it was making and testing the batter followed by blowing out the candles and then we were on to skyping my family for one more round of “Happy Birthday.”  Finally time for the real presents.  Just like at Christmas Ava would have been happy with one present and once opened could care less about the others.  Each gift needed its own time to enjoy.  By the end she was decked out in her new cupcake jammies and Rapunzel  t-shirt playing birthday party with her melissa and doug wooden birthday cake.  We headed downstairs to wrap up the evening with all the gifts; watching “Tangled”, doing stickers and playing with her felt play mat and animals.  She has been thanking everyone for her gifts all day everyday since her birthday… “Thank you mommy and daddy for my presents.”  “Thank you grammy and pa for my presents, your welcome.”  My big girl… Love just pure love!!!!



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Each day Ava is becoming more into her role as the big sister.  She will now ask to hold Ella more often and is obviously more comfortable.  The unsure look has been replaced by smiles.  I see her standing by Ella talking to her, “It is ok Ella, Ava is here.”  She will also bring and play with toys over Ella’s head without any prompting.  I just love it!

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Bonus Snap: Pieces of Me

So yet to exist is a photo of Ella and I. Terrible I know. There may not be a photo but this little munchkin has my finger and my heart… forever….

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Ava will often opt out of her midday nap, despite the fact that she is in her room for over an hour each day for quite time. She will say “I do not want to nap!”  all the time I am thinking… “YES YOU DO!!!”   How do I know that she does in fact NEED a nap… The overall crankiness and whining are good clues but most of all it is because after 3pm spending only 15 min in the car or this case the stroller she is out! If only I could make her room simulate these motions!  Yes honey, you do NEED a nap!

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A sunny day in the Northwest! I am so ready for spring. While painting the sun was shinning so bright through the windows that Ava politely requested her sunglasses.  “Mama, I need my glasses please.”  Sun, shades and my little artist! A good day indeed!

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Tummy time for my strong little munchkin!

6 weeks

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This Christmas Ava received the cutest most unusual gift from my aunt. I had never seen one of these before; an almost life size ballerina doll with elastic at the feet to connect to the child’s feet making the perfect dance partner! She immediatly asked for music and began to twirl. Of course my camera was tucked away as it typically is during such moments. With the D60 out and ready for snap shots I finally got some pictures the other night of my little dancing queen and her ballerina.  What is Ava’s favorite song?  Chocolate by Snow Patrol from the The Last Kiss album.  She calls it “her song”!  Thanks Aunt Colleen great gift, great pictures and great memories!


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