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Hippity Hoppity

Happy Easter!

I love it… with no formal Easter plans Ava rocked her Easter dress and striped bear PJ duo all day!

The basket: a book, candy, more candy and a toothbrush!  The Easter bunny leaves a new toothbrush every year… candy is fun but healthy teeth are a must!  The Easter bunny also gifted Ava with a child size ergo carrier.  Her little sister has entered the carrier phase of life and now Ava’s BFF black cat can join her in ergo coziness!

The Easter basket paper grass and all are bedtime companions and we are finally coming off our sugar high!

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Family Fun!

“We are a family.” ~Ava

Ava had a BLAST during our last visit south to see the Fleckenstein side of the family. She adored every minute with her three cousins! “That is Sam, Eric and Lena.” She proudly told me the whole time!!!  There is no excuse, but until now I did not have a single picture of Ava with her cousins… After my week of snaps I swore that family photos would become much higher on my priority list.  So here they are the cousins… maybe Ella will make it to the next shoot!

It took a while but Ava finally got the jumping together!

Auntie Lisa and Ava!!!

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"A laugh is a smile that bursts."

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Freebee Fun: The Messy Game

I am always looking for new activities to do at home.  With Ella the task has become even more challenging as she needs my attention more than some activities provide.  The other day I ran across an impressive blog post on how to make colored soap puffy paint for the bath.  Impressive indeed also ridiculously time consuming.  It made me think however, how much my first graders LOVED cleaning their desks with shaving cream.  So I pulled out the shaving cream and let Ava go to town on our hallway mirror.  (A glass door would also work).  We call it the Messy Game and Ava had a blast.  We have done this many times since I have yet to food color the shaving cream although I think that is possible!  Easy to clean up, free and above all FUN!!!

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An Inspired Idea

It was so much fun to put three year olds in front of a canvas.  Endless possibilities… Right now Ava is in a mix all the colors together phase creating a lovely shade of brown.  Still I love her masterpiece.  I decided that it would a great idea to give her the same size square canvas every year on her birthday and document the artistic changes.  Plus I think they would make a wonderful wall display all put together someday!!!  I just love a good idea!

Age Three Masterpiece

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Impressive! The streamer wall stayed up until the last half hour of the party! As always it was just as much fun to pull down as to run through! Just look at these smiles!!! Love the streamer wall… best activity of the party!

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Three… I cannot believe Ava is Three!!!!  My birthday girl and her three friends!  Thank you Emma, Noah and Kaya for being a part of a very special day!!!

Daddys Girl

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