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A Masterpiece

Ava is not a willing artist.  Sure she will paint and color but the task is over almost before it began… very short lived.  I fear she will be the student that the teacher gives a coloring sheet and 1o seconds later she says, DONE!  Not that I believe in coloring sheets but those kids used to totally frustrate me… TAKE YOUR TIME!!!  Now I have got one!  Well the other day during nap time or quiet time in this case she decided to become an artist.  I am pretty sure this is her most extensive piece of art yet.  The most detail and time in…  To look at the bright side it did all come off and perhaps Ava has a little artist in her after all!

Yes, it is crayon. No, crayons are not normally in her room. No, there are no more crayons in her room... EVER!

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Just One

Ava’s three year photos are done… time for some major editing! For now just one…

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The Best Gift

The best Mother’s Day gift was getting a visit from my best friend!  Count down has begun about two months till I get more mom time!  Since I am TERRIBLE at family snaps I promised myself that I would not let this visit go by undocumented.  Of course the lovely northwest weather did not cooperate until my moms last night.  We went outside for a quick 10 minute photo shoot.  And for only 10 minutes I could not be happier… I LOVE these pictures~

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Rain, Rain Go Away

“Mom, the rain makes Ava sad.”

I think we are all ready for summer or at least the very short spring we tend to have here in the northwest.  Enough with the rain already!  Although she was completely serious and genuine in her comment she got over it pretty quickly and after 10 min. of window watching melancholy she was bouncing of the furniture again… literally!

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Tangled No More

After months of Larry nagging me to take Ava for her first hair cut I finally did it!!  Her first baby curls gone, my big girl!  She did so great.  They washed her hair and used the blow dryer both of which she was not so sure about but handled with grace, an no tears!  She got princess braids with silver and pink sparkles, so fancy!  I love it.  Her hair looks so healthy.  Three year old photos coming soon… but you can see the salon results now!

the first cut

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Ella Elizabeth is three months!  I can hardly believe it.  Can it be that this first year will move even faster than Ava’s?

1.  Strength-  Ella is already holding her head up so straight, pushing on the ground wanting to stand and moving her feet during tummy time like she is going to crawl away any second!  She LOVES watching Ava, I fear that this will be motivation creating another early crawler.  After all her sister was across the room at 5.5 months which hardly seems possible… we will see!

2.  Smiles-  I swear Ella came out smiling!  She smiled from day one while sleeping and she was about 4 weeks when I went to pick her up only to receive the best brightest smile ever!  Now the giggles have begun… AMAZING!!!  Just look at these 3 month photos I already am getting smiles right at the camera!!!!  A mama photographers dream!

3.  Sounds and singing-  Ella is a talker… the gift of gab already.  She tells me whole stories.  When I sing her favorite lullabies she will even sing with me!  Her favorite song is “You are my sunshine”!!!

Happy Three Months my darling girl

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One Liners

The other day I was sharing an Ava story with a friend when she said, “Ava is the queen of one liners!”  How true here are just a few recent quotes from my source for comedy.

“Mama, LOOK!  She has shoes like Barbie.” –  while walking through Nordstroms

“”They got married!”– she will say whenever characters in a movie kiss

When I asked, “Can you say stubborn?”  Her response, “NO!”  Ha and I made my point!


Her response to me asking her to clean up a mess, “I can’t, I am a princess.”  (she did clean the mess!)

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