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As the decorating continues I have decided that all kids room should have a clock. Choosing one however, has been difficult to say the least. The teacher side of me says that the clock should have numbers. The designing side of me says go more funky she can learn time on a toy clock.

Input? What do you think?

Here are the clocks I am drawn to so far…

Decoylab $84

Uncommon Doily Clock $32

andfurthermore $29.50

And this clock would be PERFECT for Ella’s Nursery.  Too bad I cannot take away one of the 0’s from the $200 price tag!

Marie Ricci wall clock

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Coming Soon…


I have not been myself lately… tired, irritable, distractible, frustrated. Right now I am chalking it up to lack of sleep and hormone shifts.  Regardless of the cause, my way of battling such feelings is too take on projects. This is clearly a double edged sword as I need the projects to gain a sense of accomplishment, completion and sanity but my day leaves very little time to complete such tasks which then results in additional stress and frustration!  The answer…?

In addition to editing client pictures my major project has been designing Ava’s big girl room!!!  I am obsessed!  I started out with one plan that was quickly squashed by the reality of a little B word… budget.  I could have easily went to Land of Nod and decorated happily from floor to ceiling but I guess the B word forced me into making the room much more special and creative.  In fact now that I am passed the half way point I must say I think I am going to LOVE it!  All the furniture is old, refinished or repurposed and all the art work and photos are handmade my me!

I did splurge here and there.  Here being the BEDDING!  The frame itself is an antique iron bed found on craigslist for a great price.  The bedding was handpicked by the little munchkin herself from the Land of Nod catalog.  The combination of the two could not be more perfect and is the inspiration behind all the other details entering the space.  I call it her princess and the pea bed.  So high we need to add rails to both sides, at least for a little while.  And the most important thing, Ava LOVES it!!!  You she see her smile as she climbs up and snuggles.

So consider this your sneak peek into Ava’s new space more coming soon…

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Happy Fathers Day!

As his Spiderman card says, “AMAZING, SPECTACULAR!”  Ava picked the perfect card, although I think it was more for her than Larry!  “Spiderman is cool” she said.  To her Larry is a superhero!  There is nothing more amazing than watching a man with his girls.  Thank you honey for being the incredible dad that you are, these are two very lucky little ladies!!!

Side note:  when Ava handed Larry his card this morning she said, “Happy Valentines Day!”  HA love it!!!

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I love the internet!  Endless ideas and products right at your finger tips! Although I also find it totally overwhelming. My list of crafts is already endless and as for new things lets just say my budget does not cover my cravings! That being said here are just a few fantastic finds to inspire.

1. Snap Me swimwear–  Not being a fan of two piece swimsuits for little girls I am just wondering why all one piece bathing suits for little girls are not made this way???? It would make life so much easier.  If only my favorite bathing suit from crew cuts was made this way= Perfect!  If only I could afford my favorite bathing suits from crew cuts!










2.  Sweet seat boosters–  with Ella needing the high chair soon we are in the market for a booster.  These do not actually fit the decor of our house but could they be any cuter!? (or more expensive!?)

3.  Tutu Du Monde-  I may have blogged about these gorgeous tutus before but every time I see them I cannot help but turn giddy with desire.  Part fairy, part princess and part ballerina what more could a girl want!  I can only hope one day my sewing skills allow me to create such cuteness because no time soon will my bank account allow me to hit the purchase button!

4.  DIY board games from ROMP–  Love this store and love this idea.  It is even something you could do yourself with cardboard, a ruler and a printer!  Gotta love that.  Another fun find from this store are blank board books!  Ava is not quite ready but let me assure you blank board books are  a thing in our future!!!

5.  Yarn Wrapped Letters–  I am so making AVA’s name this way for her new big girl room LOVE THEM!!!  (thanks to Sarah Ortega Photography blog for the tutorial!)

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A Great Weekend

“A good friend is someone who hugs your heart.”

Consider my heart hugged!

Ava and I had special visitors a couple of weekends ago… Kristin and Hope you are already missed and very loved! It is amazing how from the moment the girls see each other it is like no time has passed. Ava was ear to ear smiles and more bubbly than normal for days.  They had a BLAST cooked, dressed up, bounced, bounced and bounced.  Since both Kristin and I had a birthday recently birthday cake baking was a must! And of course it was the girls who blew out the candles!  So grateful to have these ladies in our lives.  Kristin and I got lots of friend time also… much needed friend time!  Until next time girls we love you both!

Found: one of the first photos of the girls together!!!

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When we were all done with field photos Ava insisted we visit the water. We went to a park on the way home that overlooks the sound. You can see the water but not touch… perfect for an exhausted mama! There were some older kids there rolling down the hill Ava had a blast!   I totally missed focus and the light was terrible yet I LOVE these shots!!!  Pure joy!!!

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Well they are done!

Findings:  Me + Ava in a field + me attempting pictures= exhausting! As always she was completely uncooperative and as always I still got beautiful shots because this kid does not take a bad picture!  Since Ava can finally reach the peddles on her trike and loves to ride it I thought it made the perfect three year prop!  So hard to even pick which pictures to showcase I really do love this set.  More pictures are on my flickr account if you are interested!




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