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Exciting News….

Zara is now online.

What is Zara you ask?  Awesome European style kids clothes with a reasonable price tag!  To sweeten the deal… NO SHIPPING!

Sadly my wish list was sold out within days. Here are two of my current faves:



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Never a dull moment… such is motherhood.

The ease of the first day of preschool was followed by an unpredictable reaction on Ava’s part. After learning that no, I could not come with her to class, she suddenly and surprisingly no longer wanted to go to school. Oh my what do I even do? Well we over came that obstacle with bribery. Starbucks hot chocolate and she was on her way.

A pre-preschool meltdown was hardly dramatic compared to what was coming.  One thursday afternoon Ava came screaming from her room during nap time saying her throat hurt and that there was something in there. What you ask? Turns out a coin. Yes, apparently she swallowed a coin.

At first I could feel it in her thoat.  So scary.  A neighbor rushed over to watch ella and Ava and I were off to the ER.  Yes, Ava swallowed a dime, it was now in her stomach and FYI still has not passed two weeks later.  She does have plans to throw it in the fountain when it come out…

Ava: “Thank you for taking me to the hospital mama.  I like the hospital.”

Perhaps I was too calm and reassuring.  A little fear would not have been all bad!

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First Day

“The greatest gift you can give to your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.” -anonymous

My baby started preschool.

I was ready, she was ready. That did not stop me from crying the first day when she disappeared up the stairs to her class. Where does the time go?

In typical Ava fashion first day of school pictures did not go as planned.  I was however, able to capture her morning gift.  A hand made felt heart I had sewn the night before. The girls will each receive a new heart every year on the first day of school to keep in their pockets.  My loves who take a piece of my heart where ever they go. For my independent munchkin I thought this gesture would be more for me than her. I was so glad  to be wrong.  She held it so tight and said, “thank you mama for my heart.  I love hearts.”  She cherished it all morning and all day.  It made my heart smile.

BFF Emma! So thankful they are classmates!

Mrs. Peach and Mrs. McBride enjoy my girl she is one special munchkin!

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