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Within minutes of the announcement of Steve Jobs death tens of thousands had already facebooked, tweeted, instant messaged a statement of loss, respect, adoration, and thankfulness. His vision changed our world. It changed my world.

I have been an Mac from the beginning.  That small boxy screen.

My photography is edited on a mac. My Children skype thier grandparents on a Mac.  My iphone connects me to music, friends and family.  My daughter uses my iphone to learn and entertain which sometimes gives me a priceless moment of much needed peace.  Our ipad moves with us everywhere.  I now cannot imgaine an world with children + an airplane and no ipad.  And who can forget his instrumental role in recognizing a little computer animation company that in my opinion produces the very best in children’s entertainment.  I am so very glad I live in a world with Nemo and other characters and stories that have touched my heart and Ava’s.

My brother said it best.  “Your legacy will continue to bring us all products we never knew we needed but cannot live without.”

RIP thank you, thank you, for your creative vision.  It indeed changed our world.

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Ella’s first word…. MAMA!!!!

Ella is sitting, by herself!!!

Ella is eating solids… and LOVING it!!!

Ella LOVES daddy. After weeks of crying when anyone else was near, other than me,  she now sqeals and squirms to get to daddy when he enters the room! It is the cutest!


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1.5 hour drive but totally worth it!  The girls and I along with our BFF gang headed out to Bellwood Acres, an apple orchard outside of Bellingham.

Truth be told it was exhausting.  An extra pair of hands was needed, next time hubby’s required.  In the end we had a blast and so did the kids.  We got a basket full of apples had a picnic, survived the light rain drizzle and just look at these pictures!  FUN!  Sorry to post so many but I just love them!  Fall is my favorite time of year and since I will not be in michigan to capture the amazing fall colors the apple orchard totally filled the bill.





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