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Ava smiled, at the camera!  She LOVED her peacock costume and willingly ventured outside for pictures and a peacock dance. Could she be any cuter?

This Halloween we once again avoided the trick or treat outing.  The last thing needed here is a bag of sugary treats!  We instead hit Larry’s school carnival and the Aquarium for some Halloween fun in costume, carved a pumpkin and visited out neighbors for one special treat!  My littlest munchkin sported the same adorable pumpkin hat as Ava on her first Halloween!  We had a wonderful fun-filled weekend made even more special because Grammy was in town to share all the excitement!  And to top it off I love these pictures but the one I love most is Ava dancing with the leaf I am pretty sure I will find some wall space for that one!



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Since I have completely neglected my poor little blog I thought I would share pics from our recent trip to the pumpkin patch in honor of Halloween. It was Ava’s first school field trip and the most perfect mid day light possible. If you take away that sometimes I am a stress ball with two kids, outings and photography attempts it was a total success! Ella ate a few tablespoons of dirt but wouldn’t you do the same for these adorable pics!  (more on flickr account if you are interested!)

New Favorite!

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