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Keep Those Kisses

My heart, my Ava! I recently read a quote used in a maternity session. It immediatly resulted in tears there is no love like that of a mother.

“No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. Afterall you are the only one that knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.”

Ava and I have a little banter that goes like this.
ME: kissy sounds, “Keep those kisses.”
Ava: “I keep them in my pocket.”
She will often reverse it throwing me kisses and saying, “keep those kisses.” Where I of course respond, “I will keep them in my pocket.”

I love my girl and my heart and pocket are overflowing with the proof!

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More 10 Month Cuteness

Here are a couple more of my 10 month cutie!

My neighbor cleared a tree this summer making way for an awesome location just outside our door!  Look at the cool old truck parked back there!  I also wanted to get a pic of Ella with family giraffe she did not want to stand but I still loved the colors so I kept the pic.  I am pretty sure this much cuteness is illegal!!!

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Top 10 at 10

Since I missed 9 months here is a peek of Ella Elizabeth now 10 months old!  10 months exactly how is that possible???  My littlest love…

1.  Smiling… always!  Ella is such a smily munchkin and has a contagious giggle that melts my heart. And finally a child that poses for the camera, every photographer mommies dream!

2.  Teething… three teeth in and number 4 on its way!

3.  Crawling… at nine months she was off.  Now she is into everything!!!  Dog food, dog water, cupboards and to Ava’s dismay her toys!

4.  Climbing… a week ago she made it up the stairs now it is the only thing she wants to do!

5.  Eating… lots of new foods.  She decided that me feeding her with a spoon is no fun at all and much prefers finger food she can feed herself.  She makes an exception for certain foods like daddy’s butternut squash risotto, applesauce and vanilla yogurt!!!

6.  Talking… mama was her first and only word although she is very close to Dada.  She LOVES larry and gets SO excited to see him!!!

7.  Playing… peek a boo with her hands, a blanket she LOVES peek a boo

8.  Napping… better but nighttime is still a nightmare.  She is up every three hours must work on that!

9.  Dancing… Ella loves music and rocks and jumps anytime tunes are playing!

10.  Snuggling… when you say snuggle she puts her cheek on something and will totally snuggle into your shoulder when you are holding her. I love this!!!!

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