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Our Favorite Gals

Ava is not a huggy, cuddly kind of kid.  Now at almost four she is more snugly than she ever was as a baby with Larry and I.  It is hilarious however, to see her with her friends. They squeeze her with the biggest bear hugs and there is my girl frozen with this tortured look on her face.  I suppose someday I should get a picture of that!  So when Kristin and Hope headed north for a girls slumber party and Ava squealed “Hope!” and gave her the biggest bear hug ever my heart melted.  Despite the distance these girls love each other.  Months can go by but it is like no time had passed.  There have been many posts like this and there are never words for how much my heart sings that these girls are in our lives.  Thank you again for a wonderful weekend our cherished friends!

Love this kid!

Love these gals!

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Tony II the Snowman

Tony II

Ava had been dying to make a real snowman. Since we ended up with at least 12 inches of snow I guess it was time. It should not be a surprise that our friendly snowy addition is of course, named Tony~

The whole family joined in the fun. Ella however watched from the sidelines and Lola was just about everywhere! And your eyes are not fooling you, that is indeed me in a picture!!!! (more photos in  my flickr account!)

Tony getting a nose job!

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Snow Day: iphone style

Winter wonderland here in the Northwest! Ava, Lola and I have been out playing, sledding and sliding for the last three days and it looks like more still to come!!!  This was Ava’s first week of sledding and first official snow day from school!!!  I am not sure who likes the snow more Ava or Lola!  Lola however, ends up in white boots of snowballs.  Today on the way home Ava said, “We have to hurry mama and go home.  Lola is going to turn into a snowball dog and I do not have a magic wand to turn her back to my Lola bear.”

Our Snowy View

My Snow Angel

My Snow Dog and Snow Angel

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Funny for the Day

I found a new parenting blog, Parenting illustrated with crappy pictures. HA just the title alone, right!  I have only read a few of the entries but cannot wait to read more.  Major belly laughs!  This one however caught my eye and I had to share.

For the entire artical, and you should read it, click here.

Before Coffee

After Coffee

Before Wine

After Wine

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What would Christmas be without something homemade!  Since Ava’s favorite toys these days are Thomas and the characters from Cars what could be more fitting than a travel train and car mat.  If you remember last year I spent countless hours hand stitching a felt zoo and farm play mat.  I LOVE it but this time I decided to save time and order this very cool fabric on Etsy (which I can no longer find so no link) that had the scene already on it.  All that was left to do was back it with denim and create a side pocket area for all her friends.  I also sewed a ribbon on the end to roll it up, tie it shut and pack it away!

The True Story:  I totally bought the wrong Thomas trains for Ava’s wooden train set on Craigslist.  Feeling beyond dumb and taken I had to find a creative solution to use my un-usable trains and turn my major faux pas into crafting genius!  So now her wood trains stay home and her Take Along Thomas can travel where ever she does!!!  Plus it is pretty cute and I get to say, “Ya, I made that!”


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Modern Art: Kid Style

There is no where in my house or even my car for that matter where you will not spy a random sticker. The wall, mirrors on tables. No matter how many times we tell Ava that stickers stay on paper she just cannot help herself. So when I saw pictures from the newest exhibit at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art I was enthralled.  The artist created a completely white living space and gave thousands of kids thousands of stickers.  Now, if only a local museum would steal this incredible idea Ava would be a thrilled and willing participant!

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Michigan disappointed me in the snow department this year. A couple flurries that was it! Just enough to build a mini snowman with coffee bean eyes and catch a flake or two on our tongues! I love that Ella tried to catch them too!!!

Tony the Snowman

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