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Valentine Cards 2012

So I have yet to enter the rabbit hole of Pintrest. That however has not stopped me from using it as a wonderful search engine of endless craft and inspirational ideas. I have decided that once my business blog is up I will officially set up an account. This year Ava completed two different crafts.

For her teachers she created traditional Valentines using stickers, doilies and foam shaped hearts. I added a Starbucks sleeve and gift card to the back and the saying “Ava Loves you a latte!” I love them!

For her classmates and friends we made heart shaped crayons!  Ava was a great label peeler and crayon breaker for about 30 min.  She did color each tag and sticker them with hearts and it was an excellent color sorting activity.  This project could not be easier.  You just peal the crayons, break them, sort them by color family, fill the silicone heart shape molds, bake 300 degrees for 10 min or until melted and let cool.  We added about a teaspoon of glitter to each mold before adding the crayons for a little sparkle!

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My Happy Heart

I am not a huge Valentine Day kinda gal. With kids however I find myself falling into gift buying and craft making obsessions come any holiday. This year the girls received some valentine trinkets each with a bunch of balloons tied to a plush love. Their smiles were my gift. OH and ELLA walked…. WALKED!!!!! I cannot believe it! My Valentines…

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Happy Heart Day!

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Toddler Brain

I laughed out loud when I saw this photo circulating around facebook. So many of these are so very true.  The ones the rang the most true in current AVA LAND however are acceptable medical care: 57 Band-Aids most of which end up on the walls and furniture, and the sudden burst of adrenaline before bedtime. And then their is the reference to Elmo.  I have said it before and I will say it again what toddler/ baby is not completely enthralled with Elmo.  Oh how my little Ava LOVED her Elmo.  With Ava turning four I will need a new illustration soon she is such a big girl.  As for Ella toddler brain is just beginning and what an adventure it will be!


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Any Day

My favorite photographs tend to be of life. Life as it is, everyday, any day. Here is a collection of snapshots. My family. My loves.


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The Bottom Line

For the past week I have been in a major funk. There are little reasons, life, but truth be told a large part of my funk is due to the big first birthday. I did not have this with Ava. Maybe it was because I was busy planning a party. Maybe it was because I knew I would have another go around at babyhood. For what ever the reason this is new.

I know I do not really want another baby.  I know I REALLY do not want to be pregnant again.  At least I know I do not want these things in a logical reality.  But the lovely thoughts about the day they arrive, falling asleep in your arms, snuggling, baby smell, in short babyhood make me think.  Lets just say I have been snuggling just a little bit more, holding her before bed just a little longer, watching her just a little more closely and trying desperately to pause. There have been tears, and smiles and giggles and smiles that create the tears.  There are just so many memories to save, so many moments to hold. I just hope I can remember.


In honor of the birthday girl here are some pics in her birthday suit.  Taken about two months ago but not yet blogged…


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Happy Birthday my dear sweet Ella.

I decided no formal pictures just snap shots of the day.  A day which was extremely low key.  I am not sure if you learn from the first or just get lazy.  Ava’s first birthday was a disaster my poor girl cried throughout her entire party.  Crocodile tears and no cake. This year, this time, a cupcake in her high chair, a post cupcake bath and presents.  Simple, sweet and I got to soak up lots of Ella time.  My littlest love… ONE!

Unlike her sister that cupcake went right in the mouth! Messy face achieved!  There is a song by Frances England called, “Family Tree”  I LOVE this song and it made me cry through my entire pregnancy. It is about a family going from three to four with sections written from the view point of the younger sibling.  “I’ll teach him all the things I’ve learned along the way, I will help him blow out his candles on his first birthday.  We’ll grow up together, side by side. Take care of one another full of love, full of pride.”  So special to see my Ava make a wish and blow.  Just the beginning…

Birthday Suit

Her one gift from us: Busy Ball Popper= HUGE HIT!!!

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