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I need to start attending AA.

Anthropologie Anonymous 

It has been a while since I visited my old friend Anthro.  We used to have a pretty monogamous relationship until my post pregnancy body.  For years I have walked by the windows longingly dreaming of that crisp white bag stenciled with gray lettering. Not daring to go in and excpeting my oversized, black and grey,  gap wardrobe.

But as Ryan Gosling says in “Crazy Stupid Love”,  “I am better than the Gap”

Do not get me wrong there is nothing wrong with The Gap but it is no Anthro.  I have lost enough of the baby weight that investing in me is a priority or perhaps it has now reaching the levels of addiction.

My bank account and better said my loving husband funded me some investment in myself money where I got a few things I am LOVING but my bank account is empty and so I must resort back to the stage of Coveting… at least for now.

All Anthropologie except the poppy red skirt which is J Crew.

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Summer?  Well according to the calendar and the school schedule it is summer!  Now if only the NW weather would get the hint!

I cannot believe Ava is through her very first year of preschool. I am so proud of how much she has grown this past year.  Her attention skills, following directions, taking her time to complete tasks, small motor skills and academically.  She had two AMAZING teachers that have set the bar pretty high.  Mrs. Peach and Mrs.McBride were very loved.  I had such great intentions of documenting this year better, alas best of intentions lead to no follow through.  I would love to say nesxt year I will be better but I am afraid I would be kidding myself.  The one thing I am sorry to not have is a last day of school picture.  So next year that is my one goal a before and after pic.  Ava is losing her toddlerness she is a little girl now.

The one thing I did do is worth sharing so here it goes.  EVERYONE gets a copy of Dr. Seusses “Oh the Places You Will Go” for high school graduation.  Instead I used my copy from high school graduation and plan to have teachers throughout Ava’s school days write messages to her.  I will then gift it complete with years of messages and letters when she does graduate from high school.  So much more meaningful!  I wish I could credit where I got this idea but it is one of those things that stuck in my mind but did not bookmark.  So to whomever… BRILLIANT!!!

Happy Summer!  Next up… Pre-K!

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These are in fact pictures of me and my girls together!

Thanks to my friend Jaime from JLV Photography I actually have pictures of my and my loves.  Now I have no excuse not to finally start and complete our currently non-existent family photo wall.  Family pictures are next on the to do list!  Thanks so very much Jaime I will treasure these always!

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Ava’s final preschool field trip was to Mulkiteo Beach. Good thing is that is only 5 min. away bad thing it was COLD, rainy and slippery. The kids had a blast and I got a few good shots in. I LOVE my kid and how unbelievably cute are those yellow boots? They made the pictures. And of course she got some BFF time with her fellow classmate Emma they are soooo cute together.  Ella thought the beach was quite worth it and I am sure we will be back soon~

Since it was low tide we were able to meet a crab and starfish but as always the big draw was rock throwing!

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I have never been one for many friends. I love my own space and personal time and would much rather have a handful of friends that I truly know and love than try to balance an entourage. I also have had friends for different reasons and at different times in life. Friendship is a rollercoster. Highs and lows, close and apart. In the end who is left? Who really has your back? Who would drop everything and be present? Hopefully we all have someone in our lives like that. Even more I hope that someone considers me that person in their life.

My mom taught me what friendship is.  Watching how much she valued the people close to her, cared for them, about them.  As I have said countless times she is my best friend there are no words for the closeness and importance she has in my life.  And the joy I feel watching her with my girls is unmeasurable.

These are the pictures of a lifetime friendship.  My mom and Aunt Sally have been a part of each others lives since kindergarten. Pretty remarkable.  I am so glad that I captured this time of them both together and with my girls. Smiles, giggles, laughter and wine.  Memories to treasure.



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To my breakfast making, pajama sewing, piggyback giving husband! We love you beyond words.

I asked Ava, “Who is stronger, smarter and funnier, Daddy or Spiderman.”  Overwhelming response, “DADDY!”

Yes, I have one of the good ones!

More daddy pics coming soon…

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When I was a kid there was a commercial for the Detroit Zoo where all the animals where rushing around getting ready for opening day and the announcer was saying, “five minutes folks, just five minutes.”  There were blue painted elephant tracks to follow and a bear statue with a hole in the middle for climbing and curling up inside.  Most importantly there was a giant fountain with two bears standing and lots of places for coin tossing!  It is amazing how powerful some memories of childhood can be.

A nice weather trip to Michigan is not complete without a visit to the zoo!  We had two fabulous friends meet up with us and the kids had a blast! I missed the shot but at one point the three oldest where all holding iphones and taking pics of the animals.  You can decide whether that is scary or cute!  And I actually brought my camera! Thanks to my new Kelly Moore bag! Just snaps but since I NEVER bring my camera anywhere it is fun to document!

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No More Mama Bag!

Recently I have decided to put some time, and money, into ME! It has been a while. Whenever I have a little extra money I ALWAYS find something the girls need or I have to have for them. I finally hit a wall and decided really they need nothing and it is about time that I get some things that make me feel less like a mom and more like Greta.

So off with the old and on with the new. No more diaper bag! This is a big one. I loved my Petunia Picklebottom diaper bags. But no matter how cute they are, they scream diaper bag. I was ready for a big girl bag!

I decided that a couple really nice camera bags that could double as diaper/ everyday bags was the perfect way to go! Kelly Moore are my favorite camera bags. They are gorgeous and practical.  So I am now the very proud owner of the Hobo in Mustard (pictured with, ME) and the 2sues in walnut.  Sadly I am now coveting the 2sues in indigo also but I do realize that would be overkill!  Now I can carry everything I need even my camera safely. Who knows maybe know my camera will make it out the door for outings other than shoots!

A special thank you to my friend Rachel from August Tea Photography for the fabulous pics!!!


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The girls and I had a wonderful stay in Michigan this spring.  LOTS of quality family time and lots, and I mean, LOTS of yummy food thanks to my incredible brother! The weather was perfect and allowed trips to the zoo, the pool, parks and as always Greenfield Village.  A trip to michigan always means train rides and carousal rides to my little Ava!

I just love how happy and comfortable Ava is there, it truly is like a second home.  Grammy got lots of morning, and sometimes to her dismay, middle of the night snuggles!  I am sure there is still sidewalk chalk art lingering as a reminder of her stay.

One night Ava ran in from outside shouting, “Mama, Pa’s planes are AWESOME. Come, come!!!”

My dad builds and flies model airplanes and decided to take one out with Ava one night. She thought it was the absolute coolest thing EVER.  And too me these are the perfect pics to showcase our family time.

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Worth The Drive

About a month ago I meant a fellow photographer, and friend,  at a beautiful location for a photo swap. She took some beautiful photos of me and my girls and I returned the favor. I had a blast! You can see my photos of her here and I will be blogging me and the girls soon!

I could not resist getting a few of just my beauties!  Aw, breathe, are they not perfect? I can say that because photos do not whine, cry, complain or fight with each other!  The perfect photo is kinda like when they sleep, preserved little angels!

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