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Another Year Begins

My Ava in Pre-K
Where, oh, where has the time gone.  I cannot even imagine next year when she will be gone all day.  Ella will be so sad! She hardly excepts the 2.5 hours she is gone now!

I hardly know where to begin with this post.  School started one month ago and I am just now sitting down to write.  I am so far behind that I feel caught between short and sweet to get a post up and realizing that does not accurately record our lives at all.  I had these grandeous plans to do fabulous start of the year pictures. Nope that did not happen.  This is where I could hijack the post to ramble about the pressures of motherhood (totally self inflicted), perfection wanting to do it all and falling short but I am going to try to stick to topic…

School began with some hesitation this year. Not on Ava’s part but mine.  We had heard some concerns about Ava’s teacher and although I want to take these things in stride I worried.  Well in another example of life pretty much working out, all is good.  Her teacher is a kind women, quite and structured, but kind. Ava loves school and we were blessed with two rewards this year. One, her amazing lead teacher from last year is assisting in her class this year.  Two, Ava is once again paired with her partner in crime and best friend Emma.  She has been excited everyday and comes home very happy! What more can a mama ask for!

And no I did not get my perfect Pre-K pics I had planned.  But the night before school, as is my tradition, I sewed her first day heart.  My heart to carry in her pocket and to help her remember that I am always there. I cried while making it, I cried when I gave it to her and I am crying now typing this.  Love beyond words, beyond actions and at some moments completely overwhelming… To a great year!

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