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Just Like Mama?

Ava completed her first piece of artwork this summer.

We pulled out the crayola beginner crayons and a large paper tablet and she went to town! What fun I cannot wait for painting!!!!

my little artist

the masterpiece... except for a few scribbles may be mine

We quickly graduated from Crayola’s beginner crayons, which I was not a fan of, to the jumbo version.  The beginner crayons were easier for her to hold but due to the construction of the top the color of the crayon was not obvious until use.  The Jumbo size does not break easily and is working out great!  Just the beginning!


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Smile for the Day!

Yesterday Ava discovered a hidden treasure on the chalkboard of her new easle:

She went  back to it all day long smiling and saying “daddy”!  She may not read yet… but she knows that she is loved…and so do I!

By the way this is the IKEA easel chalk board on one side, white board on the other and a rack to hold a paper roll all for the bargain price of $14.99!  Who can pass that up!!!

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