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I love the internet!  Endless ideas and products right at your finger tips! Although I also find it totally overwhelming. My list of crafts is already endless and as for new things lets just say my budget does not cover my cravings! That being said here are just a few fantastic finds to inspire.

1. Snap Me swimwear–  Not being a fan of two piece swimsuits for little girls I am just wondering why all one piece bathing suits for little girls are not made this way???? It would make life so much easier.  If only my favorite bathing suit from crew cuts was made this way= Perfect!  If only I could afford my favorite bathing suits from crew cuts!










2.  Sweet seat boosters–  with Ella needing the high chair soon we are in the market for a booster.  These do not actually fit the decor of our house but could they be any cuter!? (or more expensive!?)

3.  Tutu Du Monde-  I may have blogged about these gorgeous tutus before but every time I see them I cannot help but turn giddy with desire.  Part fairy, part princess and part ballerina what more could a girl want!  I can only hope one day my sewing skills allow me to create such cuteness because no time soon will my bank account allow me to hit the purchase button!

4.  DIY board games from ROMP–  Love this store and love this idea.  It is even something you could do yourself with cardboard, a ruler and a printer!  Gotta love that.  Another fun find from this store are blank board books!  Ava is not quite ready but let me assure you blank board books are  a thing in our future!!!

5.  Yarn Wrapped Letters–  I am so making AVA’s name this way for her new big girl room LOVE THEM!!!  (thanks to Sarah Ortega Photography blog for the tutorial!)

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A Baby Book for Ella

OK so I am determined to get and finish a baby book for Ella! I have heard too many mommy tales of beautiful, completed baby books for baby #1 and baby #2 well, empty pages. Ava’s Baby book is surprisingly up to date and complete for the most part!  I like Ava’s baby book but do not LOVE it.  Now after months of searching I have decided it is hard to find a really unique baby book that I will LOVE!

Here are my top three:

1.  Rag and Bone Baby Book: Looks well made and I Love that it has so many pattern choices I think I like the yellow zinnia the best!   $68













2.  My Own Little Story: This is an electronic baby book where you complete all the information through the computer and then have it printed into a hard bound book.  I like the idea but like my blog that is still unpublished I wonder if I would prefer a hard copy to fill out slowly.  I may avoid logging on to complete this!  $35-65

3.  Binth Baby Book: This was the book my talented designer friend Emily choose for her daughter.  It is no wonder it is beautiful, modern and unique!  I LOVE it and had to include it on my list although it will never make it to checkout as it is way above my price range.   $110

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Another Girl!

What fun! I spent the other weekend pulling out ALL of Ava’s old clothes taking stock and organizing for Ella’s arrival. The nesting has already begun!  With each bin I got more excited for another girl and thankful that Ava’s incredible wardrobe would have a second purpose. Although for someone who LOVES to shop I realized there is not much for me to spend my money on! For Larry and our bank account this is a major benefit of two girls!  The other side of the coin, as a friend pointed out, is that there is less guilt when I buy something for Ava as it will be used again!  HA glass half full indeed!

Of course there is NO WAY that this baby will get NOTHING new I started thinking is there anything I did not have for Ava that I wished I had?  Here is my very short wish list of items I may be able to justify:  I am also hoping to actually finish my first hand knit baby blanket we will see!

1. Trumpette newborn booties: For a winter baby too cute!

2. Trumpette socks: LOVE these and Ava never had them! Just need to decide which style, for now Suzie Q!

3. The perfect hat for newborn pictures: So many great shops an Etsy I think it may take a while to narrow it down but here is just one from Ellie Belly Design! Love the gray with sequins and small flower!

4. Sophie the Giraffe

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Creative gift giving is a talent… and I love a creative presentation.  My good friend Emily is a natural!  Although I try hard I often fall short of finding that perfect gift.  After attending my share of baby showers I have settled on a gift worth giving.  Although it is not necessarily unique to the person it is uniquely me.  I also must give some credit to Oprah as it is partially inspired by her Favorite Things show.

The past two baby showers I attended Emily’s and Carly’s they were gifted with MY favorite things for baby and mama!  These are all must have’s in my book updated as my most recent favorites!  If you have favorites comment and add them to the list!

Carter’s Long Sleeve white onsies.  I always give the 0-3 months or older because the newborns are too small too quick!  They go with everything and hold up beautifully!!!


The Ultimate Receiving Blanket.  Made with great patterns and colors.  They are actually large enough to wrap a baby in post 2 months!!!  They wash well and last forever!  Matching burp cloths are available but who passes up the cheap and useful cloth diaper option!

California Baby Products.  Love their shampoo, sunscreen and bubble bath.  Next up we are going to try the conditioner.  Ava is Loving bubble bath these days.  The products are safe and smell great!

Lansinoh Nursing Pads.  A must have for any nursing mom and these were my favorite bag.  You will need more than one box so stock up!

Nursing Tank Top.  I Lived in these and still do!  I have two in every color. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  You can find expensive versions at more maternity boutiques but the Target version cannot be beat!

Gallop. One of my favorite board books.  The pictures move and Ava loves it more everyday!  They also have two other books out with the same illustration technique.

Heading Home With Your Newborn: Birth to Reality. One of my favorite reference books.  Easy and fun to read.  It was written by two pediatricians but sounds more like two moms.  It is very realistic and you will love it!

Baby Legs.  All different patterns and colors they will keep your baby sylish, warm and easy access for diaper changing!  They are useful from about 2-3 months and up!!!  LOVE them!!!  Plus now that Ava is older they look adorable with her Tutu’s!

Trumpette Socks.  They stay on, they are cute what more can you ask for?!  I love the classic mary jane style but the cowgirls were perfect for my cousin.  There are even adorable styles for the boy in your life.  I just learned that now they have toddler sizes!!! I have to order some for Ava!!!!

Jelly Cat stuffed animals. They are the cutest, softest best ones around.  A must have for every kid.  Ava has a small snuggly, floor pillow, huge friend, soft book and even a baby activity version.  There is no end to the cuteness that is Jelly Cat.  All versions can be found on my favorite toy site oompa!  This horse was the perfect compliment to the cowgirl trumpette socks for my cousins upcoming arrival!

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crocsSo I have to admit that when I first saw Baby Crocs at Nordstroms I thought, how ridiculous those would never stay on a babies foot!

I am learning quickly that motherhood is just a series of events in which you are often wrong!  When I saw them on Miss Maile’s feet not only were they cute but she seemed to get everywhere in them just fine!  The best part Mariah explained was just how easy a toddler could take them off and even put them on.  Fabulous!

Cute, durable, easily washable and let’s face it we all wish we had invented those decorative Jibbitz…millions!!!

Now the story goes that Mariah had bought a pair for Maile lost them, bought a new pair, and then found the first.  Generosity being Mariah’s nature Ava is now sporting a pair of blue Baby Crocs and LOVES them!  Thanks Auntie Mariah!!!

So if you were like me a rolled your eyes at this cult phenomenon give them a second glance they are worth it!

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Little Caesar

So I mentioned Gymboree’s Bubble Ooodles a while back. I have decided however, after a summer of bubble fun they deserve their own post. These are in fact the BEST bubbles ever! It is not only the solution which makes long lasting perfect bubbles but the blower that creates 100’s of bubbles just after three blows. It is amazing! Our entire house can fill with bubbles in a matter of minutes. For an even more spectacular show blow the bubbles in front of a fan. Ava goes crazy.

With Ava’s spoken vocabulary growing daily bubbles is now officially a favorite word.  She demands them often especially while dinning thus earning the name, Little Caesar (coined by Larry)  If you do not yet own this toy run to your nearest Gymboree!

TIP: leave the bubble solution out in the tray for about an hour you will be amazed at how many more bubbles you will get!




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The endless question: What can I pack in the diaper bag that will be somewhat healthy, fast and NOT messy!!!??

Here are Ava’s four favorite answers…

AA13321. Fruit Crisps– Individually packaged bags of both apple and asian pear. Careful to not crush and yum a perfect healthy on the go snack! Found at Costco.

pack_12. Mum Mum rice husks- Come in original rice and vegtable. Ava loves both! Again do not let those grabby toddler hands crush into pieces before opening! Hard to find great deal if you order in bulk on Amazon!


3. Annies Organic Bunny Variety Snack Pack- Contains individually packaged bunny snack packs: chedder bunnies, chocolate, honey, chocolate chip. Need I say more. Found at Costco


4. Organic Animal Crackers and Whole Grain Goldfish– Create your own snack pack of these two yummy favorites. Both can be found at Costco.

Do you have any favorite?  We are always looking for something new!

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Heat Wave

DSC_0183This summers beautiful weather prompted Larry and I to go in search of the perfect pool for Ava to splash and cool off.   Target the store with everything had just the thing this sunshade pool. It is a great size, still room for Ava to grow and the shade top can be turned or taken off completely.  Larry and I provided cups, buckets, watering can and other pool appropriate toys but of course in toddler fashion Ava provided her own entertainment.  Currently she is obsessed with rocks, she sleeps with them (large so choking is not a concern) and carries them everywhere.  Rocks and water…need I say more endless fun!  Even Lola Bear joined in for some summer water fun!







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Baby T.V.

So when Ava was born I chalked a video baby monitor up to one of those ridiculous expenses that was for either the “paranoid mom” or the “I need all the best stuff mom”. It is along the same line as the baby wipe warmer, silly, but I admit I did buy into that one!

Right now however, while I sit here and type I am listening to my adorable baby talking away with the sweetest voice.  I find myself wondering; is she reading a book that I left in her crib, talking to her stuffed animals, watching her butterfly mobile??  I guess there is something endearing about wondering and imagining but it would also be fun to see..

maybe video monitors are not so silly!

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yhst-83878190403399_2058_6449712When I decided to abandon my sweet smelling French Mustela baby wash for the safer less toxic California Baby I was not so sure. A few months later I am pretty much sold. We have been using the Calming shampoo and body wash which smells delicious; scented with lavender and sage. It lathers nicely and is concentrated so you need very little allowing it to lasting quite a while. My only complaint would be that it takes a while to rinse out of Ava’s hair. I guess a small price to pay for a sweet smelling, safer alternative. Click to reference previous article: Researching the Toxic Tub for more information on bath products.

Since Ava has become increasingly interested in bubbles it may just be time to bring out the California Baby bubble bath!

Next up researching sunscreen!  Any suggestions welcome!

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