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We are all smiles here! Just 28 days until we enter the rabbit hole into Wonderland!!! My Ava is turning four and I will need each of the next 20 days to prepare Wonderland, complete with the Mad Hatters tea party. It will be something I tell you!!! And Ava, Alice of course!  If you missed the posts sharing Ava’s Art party (last year), you missed out click here, and here, and here and here!!!


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Happy Birthday my dear sweet Ella.

I decided no formal pictures just snap shots of the day.  A day which was extremely low key.  I am not sure if you learn from the first or just get lazy.  Ava’s first birthday was a disaster my poor girl cried throughout her entire party.  Crocodile tears and no cake. This year, this time, a cupcake in her high chair, a post cupcake bath and presents.  Simple, sweet and I got to soak up lots of Ella time.  My littlest love… ONE!

Unlike her sister that cupcake went right in the mouth! Messy face achieved!  There is a song by Frances England called, “Family Tree”  I LOVE this song and it made me cry through my entire pregnancy. It is about a family going from three to four with sections written from the view point of the younger sibling.  “I’ll teach him all the things I’ve learned along the way, I will help him blow out his candles on his first birthday.  We’ll grow up together, side by side. Take care of one another full of love, full of pride.”  So special to see my Ava make a wish and blow.  Just the beginning…

Birthday Suit

Her one gift from us: Busy Ball Popper= HUGE HIT!!!

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“A two year old is kinda like having a blender, but you do not have a top for it.” ~ Jerry Seinfeld

It is hard to even wrap my brain around.  How can Ava be two?  No really, how?

“Yahoo Ava is Two!” ~ Pa

My spirited, independent munchkin who wants to do everything herself and always get her way one moment to sharing, kind, funny and loving the next.  Larry said the other day, “I swear she is like Jekel and Hyde.” HA true!  When she is sweet she is very sweet and still those moments far out way the challenging ones, thank goodness!

She is growing so fast; sleeping in her big girl bed, eating our table or hers… no more high chair tray, getting her shoes and coat for me, feeding her babies, drinking from a cup, using silverware, swinging on a big girl swing…. AMAZING and  with each new thing I forget how much is still around the corner.   Simple, overwhelming, unbounded love… Cheers my baby girl and Happy Birthday!

Ava with her new birthday morning friend: Abby Cadabby

AVA LOVES BALLOONS!!!!  These are the closest I came to getting an actual birthday portrait…

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Maybe in my next life…

I will be an event planner! Despite my limited funds I LOVE planning a party. I love the details, the menu, the colors what better outlet for creativity is there? Here are just a few detail shots from Ava’s Abby Cadabby Birthday!  Pink, Purple and Blue… Poof!!! Ava turns two!!!

My first attempt at Martha Stewart’s tissue pom poms I cannot wait for another excuse to make these!  SO FUN, easy and cheap!!!!

Each goodie box included; Abby Cadabby stickers, three yummy earth suckers wrapped in fabric, two handmade hair clips, A pink feather mini boa, and a handmade Abby Cadabby tulle wand to match each fairy goddaughters tutu.

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ava-birthday-0021March 28, 2009 Ava turned one!!!!

I woke that morning exhausted from the cooking, wrapping and decorating preparations of the previous night. Thanks Mom! We were ready however, the photo garland of Ava’s first year was hung, presents colorfully wrapped, and the Amazing Buttermilk Chocolate Cake proudly displayed. Click here to find the delicious recipe.





Ava woke at 7:00am the earlier side of her morning schedule and clearly sensed the day would be different. I know she sensed this because instead of waking up smiling and laughing as she does EVERY morning she woke with inconsolable tears. Didn’t she know that she was the birthday girl? Ava’s smiles returned when the balloons started to fill the room, her eyes wide with wonder and excitement. Perhaps too much excitement, now she was sure that the day had impending importance. So much so, that a morning nap did not happen…

Our family and friends started to arrive and thanks to one of my closest friends so did an Ava size banana cake on the most perfect pink polka-dot plate! Mariah also walked in with the most beautiful, and as we found out later, tasty Hummingbird cake. (I will have to post the recipe later). Despite all the balloons and friends the tears continued off and on throughout the day. During each happy moment we tried to fit in a birthday event. Happy…QUICK present time! Happy…QUICK cake time! No matter how happy Ava was when those events began, the tears returned faster and in greater quanity once started. It was all just too much for my little munchkin!


So, a story to be sure…. I may not have the cake covered baby pictures I wanted but I have memories of our closest friends and family celebrating the wonder of Ava’s first year… and what a year it was! Happy Birthday my darling little girl.  I am sure you will LOVE cake someday!

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Although it was not originally planned it seems that pink and brown have been an ongoing theme of Ava’s first year. The espresso furniture and ice pink accents of her nursery were set before Ava’s arrival. Knowing our color pallet, my aunt added a wonderfully soft pink and brown baby blanket. Hours after Ava was born we snapped a sweet picture of our new baby girl swaddled in these cozy colors. So it only seemed fitting that when we went to our good friend, a freelance graphic designer, for the creation of her birth announcements using pink and brown was a natural choice and that picture a fitting focus.


Months later while visiting my family in Michigan my mom and I stumbled upon the perfect first birthday bib which Grammy decided was a must have. It just happened to be pink and brown covered in a great cupcake print. When it came time to plan Ava’s first birthday pink, brown and that cupcake bib became the theme. From her cupcake dress to  a handmade hair clip and party hat she would be the one year old version of that snuggly baby from her birth announcement.




As for year two, we will have to wait and see…I am hoping for some yellow!

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