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My last post got me to thinking about music and my munchkin! Both Larry and I love music, although he is the musically talented of the two of us. Ava already LOVES music. She instantly starts to move and dance to the beat when the music hits her ears. It is great! One of the best toys I have bought for Ava is a stuffed bear with a pocket for an i-pod. The behind of the bear is speakers and the pocket safely tucks the i-pod away so that Ava can have music where ever she goes. (Sadly Pottery Barn kids no longer makes this bear).


I am always looking for music that both Ava and I will enjoy listening to! Typically kid music is not for me. Even when I was a teacher I avoided it like the plague. I do however have very few exceptions to the no kid music rule and they are included in my playlist below.  Ava and I listen to everything from my girly music like Sarah McLachlan to the jazz of Miles Davis to the classical composing of Debussy and Stravinsky.

Here are just the top 5 of my i-pod playlist. All of the albums can be found in the i-pod store or Amazon.  I have linked every album but the Beatles (which is not avalible on Amazon for downloading) to the amazon MP3 downloads so that you can take a listen.  Please comment with other suggestions of your favorites!

Greta and Ava’s TOP FIVE:

curious-georgeJack Johnson “Sing-a-Longs & Lullabies from Curious George”
Children’s Music
Love the soothing voice and guitar of  Jack Johnson. I even love the kid lyrics of these songs.  A bonus is the track by Ben Harper “My Own Two Hands”, LOVE IT!  All Jack Johnsons albums are wonderful.  


frances-englandFrances England “Family Tree”
Children’s Music
Frances England is like a female Jack Johnson. I love her voice. She wrote her first album “Fascinating Creatures” as a fundraiser for her child’s preschool. Very cool! Great lyrics and sound plus the album artwork is beautiful! The last track “You and Me” will make you cry.  *May also enjoy Elizabeth Mitchell.


beatles-1Beatles “One”
Who does not love the Beatles and their older songs are so upbeat and fun that kids especially love them. It is hard to pick an album. “Rubber Soul” and “Revolver” both have great tracks for kids or you can make it easy and just go for “One” all the greatest hits.


nick-drakeNick Drake “Pink Moon”
Love the sound of Nick Drake. All albums are great and have the same deep soulful, buttery sound. You will love his voice and guitar. The only accompaniment is an occasional piano. Peaceful and melodic music that Ava and I both love on a rainy day.


the-ocean-blueThe Ocean Blue “Cerulean”
This album is breezy and low key although a little poppy to move to as well. It is a happy album that makes you smile. Although not a children’s album has that kind of sound without being annoying at all!  *May also enjoy the Cocteau Twins albums.

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