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I am obsessed!  My house needs to be spotless, the baby stuff cleaned and ready and everything, I mean EVERYTHING needs to have a place!  I am normally organized.  Some may say slightly OCD but when I hit a pregnant nesting phase watch out there is no stopping me.  Just look at how much I have blogged this week.  I am determined to get all my drafted articles published and caught up before Ella’s arrival~

I decided that Ava’s former diaper caddy needs to now move upstairs to Ella’s area.  This sent her hair clip and pony tail holders to the land of no home which is unacceptable!  Since I cannot seem to snap out of my creative felt addicted state I came up with the perfect solution!  I LOVE these!!!!!  The ribbons hold all the clips I need them to and the felt leaf pockets at the bottom hold pony tail holders! Not to mention that the flowers are so fun!  Someday when I start an Etsy shop these will definitely be among my products!  I loved the flowers so much that I am currently creating a new flower purse for my little princess.  More to come on that later….

Check out my most recent hair clip organizer here!





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