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So I could not wait to attempt the Santa Cookie photo shoot this year.  I could just see the pictures with Ava in her adorable red checkered gingerbread man PJ’s, I mean how could this not be cute?  OK so there was one thing I failed to consider… Ava wanted NOTHING to do with the cookies!  Are you kidding me??  Here are the only four pictures I managed to get before she put the cookies down and was off!  I still am lost sometimes with my external flash sometimes it rocks and other times it is overly apparent that I have no clue to what I am doing!

Mmm...what are these?

OK maybe one..

Testing: one, two, three...

A BITE!!! Kinda... then she was off! Maybe next year!

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“I do not know how to cut down a christmas tree. When I look at it , I hope that it just falls down.” Sally Brown, Charlie Brown’s sister

As I have mentioned before I LOVE to name things, it is my quirky obsession.  So it makes sense then that our Christmas trees are also provided with a name.  It is actually how I find them at the tree farm.  Larry and I decide what the name of our tree is before we begin the hunt, that way I know who I am looking for.  After all a Fred hardly looks the same as an Alfred.  In the past we have housed several trees; Everett (before we moved here, how ironic), Cornilus, Rupert and Sebastian have all joined the ranks as honored Fleckenstein Family Trees.  This year it was Octavius that we searched out and found!  What fun!  Ava’s first Christmas Tree, since last year we were in Michigan.

Now I am not going to lie and paint this as a “perfect” family fun day although we will have wonderful memories.  A toddler in an open tree farm just means constantly on the go, go, go.  Which means we follow, follow, follow.  Larry and I were often in several opposite directions, and taking pictures chasing after a toddler is not always fun or easy.  In the end, it took much longer than usual to track down our tree.  But when it was all said and done Octavius was perched proudly on our car roof, Ava was smiling and tired and the memories were documented, whew!

What fun pics but as I look through this set I am once again reminded that I MUST train Larry to use my old camera.  After all as I continue to document and blog these memories I would like for Ava to look back and see me and her together!!!!

Daddy’s Little Girl

Daddy's Little Helper

Winter's Cutie

Such a lovable face!

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