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Since Ava’s one year birthday has now come and gone I decided it was time to finally mark her beautiful wood growth chart. Not wanting to write directly on the chart, I found some Martha Stewart stickers where I could record her age, date and height. How exciting!

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Ava’s growth chart was perfect for the décor of her room and I loved that it was wood. I also considered that I needed something that could move if and when we changed rooms or houses.

If you are not planning on moving I also love the idea of using wall decals or stickers to create a wall art growth chart! Romp and several Etsy shops have some wonderful choices…

you can even buy bird decals for your tree

you can even buy bird decals for your tree

growth chart flower


Here is my other favorite option:

Making your own growth chart: I loved this idea! It re-creates the charm of etching the family’s changing heights in a wood door way molding. There is something nostalgic about that process the downside however, is that it cannot move with a family! This family stained a special piece of wood and used nail heads to mark one inch increments, then hung it on a hook to etch. Your design could be traditional to modern and hang anywhere in the house. The best part it that it could also travel with you so your memories are never lost!  (the link to this tutorial is currently broken I will keep checking!)

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