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Kissizm #3

“Yesterday is history. Tommorrow is a mystery. And today? Today is a gift that’s why they call it the present.” unknown author after a google search but found on Uncle Kiss’s Facebook status so… a Kissizm it is!

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Kissizm #2

This is in honor of my brother-in-laws recent engagement!  Congratulations and welcome to the family Auntie Kate.  We are so very happy for you both!

“Diamonds are a girls best friend, what does that mean? Girls like things that sparkle bright but have no real value. Diamonds are abundant, the only reason they cost so much is b/c one savvy family controls the market. When you put a diamond on a ring then on your wife’s finger what you are really saying is here is a ridiculously over-priced piece of carbon, a false treasure to represent my real love.”- Uncle Kiss

Yes all true but that carbon rock sparkles bright and is so very pretty!!! Cheers!!!

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Kissizm #1

My bother Chris, AKA Uncle Kiss, is always posting random thoughts on Facebook. I love them and they always make me smile. So I am no introducing a new blog topic I call Kissizms. Ava can look back and enjoy her uncles random wittyness! (and yes I am aware that wittyness is not exactly a word but neither is kissizm so it works!!)

“Every snowflake is unique, just like every other snowflake.”– Uncle Kiss

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