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Great Yarn

I mentioned a while back that I was going to take a knitting class…check…  class complete and I LOVE knitting!

For years I have walked in yarn stores just to take a look.  The colors and textures are enough to make any artist go gaga but I always assumed that I would never have the patience for knitting.  Well time will tell but for now I am loving it!  A friend called it, “yoga for the mind.”  How true.  It is so relaxing and allows me to loose focus on everything but what I am working on!  Currently that includes my first scarf and a luxuriously soft baby blanket!  Most likely it will take me months to finish even one of these but how proud I will be when I finally do complete something!

My dream goal will be to knit something special for each newborn package above a certain amount.  Something adorable that I could photograph and then gift for being a valued client.  We will see…

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