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My heart

I often refer to Ava as my heart there are is no better way to explain motherhood. My heart is hers, always. The day she was born changed my life forever in a way that only those who are parents could possible understand. I do not say that to sound superior it just is a fact.  You may share your heart with many people throughout your life.  But it only children that you give it to completely, without a thought, every minute of everyday for a lifetime.

Ava is four.  I have been saying this for three months now but it still does not seem possible.  I can remember every minute of the day she was born.  I can almost feel her in my arms as a newborn sleeping next to me.  I can see her in her moses basket dreaming.  Now she is a kid as she says.  “I was a little, tiny baby but then I turned four and now I am a kid.”  Yep!  That is my girl!

I wanted to capture four, just as she is.  To me these photos scream four year old.  She has her bright yellow boots and her favorite lovie Black Cat.  What I think I love most however, are the unicorn tattoos covering her legs and arms.  This is just how I want to remember four.

My heart,  singing songs, dancing, sleeping peacefully in a bed covered with lovies and stuffed friends.  A giggle so big that she covers it with her hands and a pout equally as disarming!  Obstinate, stubborn and sassy at times (sometimes a lot) but looks right at you and says, “I think I love you very much mom” with more sincerity than I thought possible from another person. As I said she carries with her my heart, always.

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These are in fact pictures of me and my girls together!

Thanks to my friend Jaime from JLV Photography I actually have pictures of my and my loves.  Now I have no excuse not to finally start and complete our currently non-existent family photo wall.  Family pictures are next on the to do list!  Thanks so very much Jaime I will treasure these always!

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I have never been one for many friends. I love my own space and personal time and would much rather have a handful of friends that I truly know and love than try to balance an entourage. I also have had friends for different reasons and at different times in life. Friendship is a rollercoster. Highs and lows, close and apart. In the end who is left? Who really has your back? Who would drop everything and be present? Hopefully we all have someone in our lives like that. Even more I hope that someone considers me that person in their life.

My mom taught me what friendship is.  Watching how much she valued the people close to her, cared for them, about them.  As I have said countless times she is my best friend there are no words for the closeness and importance she has in my life.  And the joy I feel watching her with my girls is unmeasurable.

These are the pictures of a lifetime friendship.  My mom and Aunt Sally have been a part of each others lives since kindergarten. Pretty remarkable.  I am so glad that I captured this time of them both together and with my girls. Smiles, giggles, laughter and wine.  Memories to treasure.



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The girls and I had a wonderful stay in Michigan this spring.  LOTS of quality family time and lots, and I mean, LOTS of yummy food thanks to my incredible brother! The weather was perfect and allowed trips to the zoo, the pool, parks and as always Greenfield Village.  A trip to michigan always means train rides and carousal rides to my little Ava!

I just love how happy and comfortable Ava is there, it truly is like a second home.  Grammy got lots of morning, and sometimes to her dismay, middle of the night snuggles!  I am sure there is still sidewalk chalk art lingering as a reminder of her stay.

One night Ava ran in from outside shouting, “Mama, Pa’s planes are AWESOME. Come, come!!!”

My dad builds and flies model airplanes and decided to take one out with Ava one night. She thought it was the absolute coolest thing EVER.  And too me these are the perfect pics to showcase our family time.

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A Nice Him

Ava: “Mom. I need my hair cut short so I can be a nice him like daddy.”

Yes daddy’s little girl~ Ava was absolutely determined to get her hair cut short.  After some discussion and a week of checking to make sure we made the big appointment.  Believe it or not this is after about 5 inches had been taken off.  She loved it for about a week and now says she wants her hair long like Rapunzel again.  I do love it though!

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My Happy Heart

I am not a huge Valentine Day kinda gal. With kids however I find myself falling into gift buying and craft making obsessions come any holiday. This year the girls received some valentine trinkets each with a bunch of balloons tied to a plush love. Their smiles were my gift. OH and ELLA walked…. WALKED!!!!! I cannot believe it! My Valentines…

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The Bottom Line

For the past week I have been in a major funk. There are little reasons, life, but truth be told a large part of my funk is due to the big first birthday. I did not have this with Ava. Maybe it was because I was busy planning a party. Maybe it was because I knew I would have another go around at babyhood. For what ever the reason this is new.

I know I do not really want another baby.  I know I REALLY do not want to be pregnant again.  At least I know I do not want these things in a logical reality.  But the lovely thoughts about the day they arrive, falling asleep in your arms, snuggling, baby smell, in short babyhood make me think.  Lets just say I have been snuggling just a little bit more, holding her before bed just a little longer, watching her just a little more closely and trying desperately to pause. There have been tears, and smiles and giggles and smiles that create the tears.  There are just so many memories to save, so many moments to hold. I just hope I can remember.


In honor of the birthday girl here are some pics in her birthday suit.  Taken about two months ago but not yet blogged…


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