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My heart

I often refer to Ava as my heart there are is no better way to explain motherhood. My heart is hers, always. The day she was born changed my life forever in a way that only those who are parents could possible understand. I do not say that to sound superior it just is a fact.  You may share your heart with many people throughout your life.  But it only children that you give it to completely, without a thought, every minute of everyday for a lifetime.

Ava is four.  I have been saying this for three months now but it still does not seem possible.  I can remember every minute of the day she was born.  I can almost feel her in my arms as a newborn sleeping next to me.  I can see her in her moses basket dreaming.  Now she is a kid as she says.  “I was a little, tiny baby but then I turned four and now I am a kid.”  Yep!  That is my girl!

I wanted to capture four, just as she is.  To me these photos scream four year old.  She has her bright yellow boots and her favorite lovie Black Cat.  What I think I love most however, are the unicorn tattoos covering her legs and arms.  This is just how I want to remember four.

My heart,  singing songs, dancing, sleeping peacefully in a bed covered with lovies and stuffed friends.  A giggle so big that she covers it with her hands and a pout equally as disarming!  Obstinate, stubborn and sassy at times (sometimes a lot) but looks right at you and says, “I think I love you very much mom” with more sincerity than I thought possible from another person. As I said she carries with her my heart, always.

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Summer?  Well according to the calendar and the school schedule it is summer!  Now if only the NW weather would get the hint!

I cannot believe Ava is through her very first year of preschool. I am so proud of how much she has grown this past year.  Her attention skills, following directions, taking her time to complete tasks, small motor skills and academically.  She had two AMAZING teachers that have set the bar pretty high.  Mrs. Peach and Mrs.McBride were very loved.  I had such great intentions of documenting this year better, alas best of intentions lead to no follow through.  I would love to say nesxt year I will be better but I am afraid I would be kidding myself.  The one thing I am sorry to not have is a last day of school picture.  So next year that is my one goal a before and after pic.  Ava is losing her toddlerness she is a little girl now.

The one thing I did do is worth sharing so here it goes.  EVERYONE gets a copy of Dr. Seusses “Oh the Places You Will Go” for high school graduation.  Instead I used my copy from high school graduation and plan to have teachers throughout Ava’s school days write messages to her.  I will then gift it complete with years of messages and letters when she does graduate from high school.  So much more meaningful!  I wish I could credit where I got this idea but it is one of those things that stuck in my mind but did not bookmark.  So to whomever… BRILLIANT!!!

Happy Summer!  Next up… Pre-K!

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I had been waiting for the perfect night since my new D700 arrived to take some four year pictures of Ava. At last the rain stopped and off we went for a neighborhood walk. My big girl!  The first image is one of my favorites. Love that tongue it has graced every one of Ava’s photo shoots it is such a part of her and her personality!

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Happy Fourth Birthday to my little “Alice”, you make my world Wonderland everyday! 

I have said it before and I will say it again, I LOVE to plan me a party. Not many themes are more fun than Alice in Wonderland. I have been obsessed and Ava and I had a blast planning and creating this celebration.  From the storybook invitations to the eat me cookies I am so proud of this party.  The table was adorned with goodies found from Craigslist, Goodwill and the Flea Market.  I hand sewed bread and butterflies, made place cards for each character and made “drink me” tags for the tea pots.

The guests entered Wonderland threw a tunnel and a cardboard rabbit hole.  I had a bin of costumes, some hand made some purchased, to dress up in.  My Little Alice however is sporting an adorable apron found on Etsy from, Peapodray.  Could she be any cuter?  I also purchased amazing Wonderland things on a stick from, Joosycardco on Etsy (SO FUN).  They decorated a cardboard house, the white rabbits house, with markers and stickers.  They collected roses scattered throughout the room to paint red, had a caucus race, and played some croquet with a flamingo and hedgehog of course.

Tea sandwiches, fruit, decaf berry tea, eat me cookies, shortbread and chocolate tea bag cookies and cupcakes rounded out the menu for the little ones while the mama’s sampled quiche and mimosas!  YUM!  Ella LOVED her cupcake and I love that I captured her little tongue frosting tasting.

The project I am most proud of has to be my wool felt mushroom stool with a tree stump base.  It is so cute and sturdy.  I cannot wait to put together a little reading playing nook for the girls to house it in.

Take Me:  I made each favor bag unique with an image and quote from the original story.  The guests took home their tea cup and saucer, four playing card mint truffles and an Alice sticker book.  For the girls I made Alice character inspired hair clips and for our “Mad Hatter”, who sadly was sick and unable to attend (Missed you Noah), a hedgehog finger puppet. Overall, a whirlwind but a whirlwind of success.  It may be 10 months away but time to start planning for next year Ella will be two.  A balloon party it is!

“Sometimes I believe as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

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Why did I wait so long?

Ella is at last sleeping in her nursery and Larry and I have our room back!  AH the peace!  Since Ella was still waking up every two to three hours, yes you read that right, I hesitated on making the big move.  Once she was in her room however, her sleeping drastically improved!!! Figures!  She LOVES it.  When I put her to bed she sits up and says “Bye”, SO CUTE!   She is now only waking up once a night and I am at last a better rested mama!

A couple bed snaps!  And of course big sister did not want to be left out!

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My Happy Heart

I am not a huge Valentine Day kinda gal. With kids however I find myself falling into gift buying and craft making obsessions come any holiday. This year the girls received some valentine trinkets each with a bunch of balloons tied to a plush love. Their smiles were my gift. OH and ELLA walked…. WALKED!!!!! I cannot believe it! My Valentines…

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Happy Birthday my dear sweet Ella.

I decided no formal pictures just snap shots of the day.  A day which was extremely low key.  I am not sure if you learn from the first or just get lazy.  Ava’s first birthday was a disaster my poor girl cried throughout her entire party.  Crocodile tears and no cake. This year, this time, a cupcake in her high chair, a post cupcake bath and presents.  Simple, sweet and I got to soak up lots of Ella time.  My littlest love… ONE!

Unlike her sister that cupcake went right in the mouth! Messy face achieved!  There is a song by Frances England called, “Family Tree”  I LOVE this song and it made me cry through my entire pregnancy. It is about a family going from three to four with sections written from the view point of the younger sibling.  “I’ll teach him all the things I’ve learned along the way, I will help him blow out his candles on his first birthday.  We’ll grow up together, side by side. Take care of one another full of love, full of pride.”  So special to see my Ava make a wish and blow.  Just the beginning…

Birthday Suit

Her one gift from us: Busy Ball Popper= HUGE HIT!!!

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More 10 Month Cuteness

Here are a couple more of my 10 month cutie!

My neighbor cleared a tree this summer making way for an awesome location just outside our door!  Look at the cool old truck parked back there!  I also wanted to get a pic of Ella with family giraffe she did not want to stand but I still loved the colors so I kept the pic.  I am pretty sure this much cuteness is illegal!!!

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Top 10 at 10

Since I missed 9 months here is a peek of Ella Elizabeth now 10 months old!  10 months exactly how is that possible???  My littlest love…

1.  Smiling… always!  Ella is such a smily munchkin and has a contagious giggle that melts my heart. And finally a child that poses for the camera, every photographer mommies dream!

2.  Teething… three teeth in and number 4 on its way!

3.  Crawling… at nine months she was off.  Now she is into everything!!!  Dog food, dog water, cupboards and to Ava’s dismay her toys!

4.  Climbing… a week ago she made it up the stairs now it is the only thing she wants to do!

5.  Eating… lots of new foods.  She decided that me feeding her with a spoon is no fun at all and much prefers finger food she can feed herself.  She makes an exception for certain foods like daddy’s butternut squash risotto, applesauce and vanilla yogurt!!!

6.  Talking… mama was her first and only word although she is very close to Dada.  She LOVES larry and gets SO excited to see him!!!

7.  Playing… peek a boo with her hands, a blanket she LOVES peek a boo

8.  Napping… better but nighttime is still a nightmare.  She is up every three hours must work on that!

9.  Dancing… Ella loves music and rocks and jumps anytime tunes are playing!

10.  Snuggling… when you say snuggle she puts her cheek on something and will totally snuggle into your shoulder when you are holding her. I love this!!!!

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Ella’s first word…. MAMA!!!!

Ella is sitting, by herself!!!

Ella is eating solids… and LOVING it!!!

Ella LOVES daddy. After weeks of crying when anyone else was near, other than me,  she now sqeals and squirms to get to daddy when he enters the room! It is the cutest!


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