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Why is it that we are so hesitant to switch doctors? Or is that just me?

When I first met Ava’s pediatrician I thought she was great, young and new to the profession and with full time hours… it did not take long however, for me to realize that she was not quite what I had hoped! It did not matter how many questions or concerns I had, the answers were always short and by the book and she was always able to make it in and out of the room in 15 minutes! Now, I am sure she is knowledgeable, after all she graduated from medical school but she was not yet a parent with any life experience of her own and clearly did not want to take time to understand. In fact, she recently did have a baby; at first I had hoped this would change her a bit…no such luck! After a year she finally convinced me that it was time for a change.

This change was not just good but GREAT! I absolutely love Ava’s new pediatrician, a mother of two and with a wonderful background of professional experience. Our first appointment was for Ava’s one year check-up. An appointment which I am sure would have been another 15 minutes out of her previous doctor’s life. Dr. Walsh  however scheduled an hour of time for this appointment…no rushing here! The appointment was not just checking her hips and a quick run down of developmental milestones. She sat down and actually asked me to tell her about Ava…what a wonderful feeling as a mother…someone who really cares! All my questions were answered and explained.  I left feeling confident that my daughter was at last in wonderful and caring hands…

If you are having doubts about a doctor try a second opinion! The way I look at it is that it will either illustrate that your first choice was just fine or demonstrate just how right you were to have doubts in the first place!

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