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Snow Day: iphone style

Winter wonderland here in the Northwest! Ava, Lola and I have been out playing, sledding and sliding for the last three days and it looks like more still to come!!!  This was Ava’s first week of sledding and first official snow day from school!!!  I am not sure who likes the snow more Ava or Lola!  Lola however, ends up in white boots of snowballs.  Today on the way home Ava said, “We have to hurry mama and go home.  Lola is going to turn into a snowball dog and I do not have a magic wand to turn her back to my Lola bear.”

Our Snowy View

My Snow Angel

My Snow Dog and Snow Angel

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Four Years Ago…

our Lola Bear was born! Despite the expense, walks in the rain and barking that at times has caused babies to wake I cannot imagine my life without her. Our bed would be too big, our home empty and are hearts missing a small unnamed piece! To my cuddly Lola Bear with her big brown nose, I love you and Happy Birthday!!!

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I love my stuffed animal Lola! She has her issues when the leash goes on outside with pulling and listening but inside… she is the PERFECT dog! From the first day Ava came home from the hospital she has been so gentle and calm with kids. Ella’s arrival has been no different. She sniffs and checks in on her throughout the day.  Our loving guard dog…

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About a year after I adopted my cat Milton my mom and I found a book at a small gift store. The book was titled, “Milton”, both the words and illustrations were beyond a perfect match. It was like the author had personally meant my Milton! Needless to say it came home with me that day! Recently I pulled it from my bookshelves to share with Ava.

I had no idea that Milton could read. I was aware however that he had a high opinion of himself… One of those moments that you could never pose…

I am an exceptional cat!


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Dog Club

Our furry dog park friends… Plus a little portfolio building for my pet galleries!  What a good looking group!  Ava cannot get enough of park time and these furry friends are so great with her~ what a lucky girl… who will never be afraid of dogs!  (for better or worse!)





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One more…

Because I cannot get enough of this cuteness!!!

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Lola’s best friend is a big brother! How exciting! Ava and I had the best afternoon getting our puppy fix with the newest member of our “dog club”, Echo. The adorable puppiness was almost too much to handle! I cannot believe how much she looks like her big brother. We will be back soon for more snuggles and kisses!

Friends from the beginning…

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