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More 10 Month Cuteness

Here are a couple more of my 10 month cutie!

My neighbor cleared a tree this summer making way for an awesome location just outside our door!  Look at the cool old truck parked back there!  I also wanted to get a pic of Ella with family giraffe she did not want to stand but I still loved the colors so I kept the pic.  I am pretty sure this much cuteness is illegal!!!

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1.5 hour drive but totally worth it!  The girls and I along with our BFF gang headed out to Bellwood Acres, an apple orchard outside of Bellingham.

Truth be told it was exhausting.  An extra pair of hands was needed, next time hubby’s required.  In the end we had a blast and so did the kids.  We got a basket full of apples had a picnic, survived the light rain drizzle and just look at these pictures!  FUN!  Sorry to post so many but I just love them!  Fall is my favorite time of year and since I will not be in michigan to capture the amazing fall colors the apple orchard totally filled the bill.





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Well they are done!

Findings:  Me + Ava in a field + me attempting pictures= exhausting! As always she was completely uncooperative and as always I still got beautiful shots because this kid does not take a bad picture!  Since Ava can finally reach the peddles on her trike and loves to ride it I thought it made the perfect three year prop!  So hard to even pick which pictures to showcase I really do love this set.  More pictures are on my flickr account if you are interested!




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Tummy time for my strong little munchkin!

6 weeks

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This Christmas Ava received the cutest most unusual gift from my aunt. I had never seen one of these before; an almost life size ballerina doll with elastic at the feet to connect to the child’s feet making the perfect dance partner! She immediatly asked for music and began to twirl. Of course my camera was tucked away as it typically is during such moments. With the D60 out and ready for snap shots I finally got some pictures the other night of my little dancing queen and her ballerina.  What is Ava’s favorite song?  Chocolate by Snow Patrol from the The Last Kiss album.  She calls it “her song”!  Thanks Aunt Colleen great gift, great pictures and great memories!


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I was one of ten grandkids on the Craig side, my moms side.  My Papa Craig had a saying…

When ever us grandkids looked cute, did well in school or a sport basically displayed any positive attribute he would say, “There is a lot of Craig in that kid.”  I remember that as if I can almost hear him say it.  My mom and I still often repeat that saying so of course when I look and watch my girls I think, “there is a lot of Craig in that kid!”

Another Craig kid, my cousin Cliff, was quite the character as a child.  WILD with a ton of personality.  One of the things I remember was a phase where he would want to wear several layers of clothing at a time.  The other day Ava went into the bottom drawer of her dresser where I had put a stack of new spring and summer clothes and insisted that she were three new shirts over her pajamas.  Just like Cliff… although I am hoping that it does not become an everyday event it brought on a childhood flashback of endearing memories….

There is a lot of Craig in that kid!!!

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