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This is the first post in a series of a week long goal… I plan to post a snapshot a day throughout the week! For the past two years I have been terrible at just picking up a camera a snapping a picture of a moment. So I brought out my old D60 from retirement and have been snapping away trying to capture those everyday moments and not caring about the quality of the picture but of the moment instead!!!

Breakfast Time

My waffle batter face girl!!!  Laughing at her daddy doing a crazy dance!  My idea of a perfect morning!

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Two Week Perfection

It is surprisingly difficult to shoot your own kids!  Newborns are no exception.  With Ava running around and not napping, light only cooperating part of the day, nursing, changing and overall exhaustion it is a miracle I completed the task at all!  Here are just some of Ella at two weeks.  More can be found on my flickr account!

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Last year no family Christmas Card.  Now that alone is bad enough but as a photographer kind of a crime.  Here I always have beautiful pictures of my little darling and yet I do very little with them.  This year I was determined to get a card out!  Of course, as always, it would be only of Ava.  With me behind the camera we lack in the family photo department.  I think next year it will be time to hire a photographer!

In Ava tradition she wanted nothing to do with the camera or posing.  I must share that mama/ photographer frustration is taking over me lately in this department!  Ava does however LOVE the Christmas tree and I must say I love these pictures!  Merry Christmas to you all!!!!



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A Beautiful Day

California may have the warmth, Michigan has much sunnier winters but NOTHING beats a beautiful day in the northwest!

The Snohomish River



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When we did not make it to the pumpkin patch back in Michigan and then returned to the northwest clouded in rain I thought dreams of this years pumpkin patch visit had ended.  So last week when I woke up to what appeared to be a dry day I jumped on the opportunity!  It turned out to be a beautiful day and Ava had SO much fun!  We walked through the patch where she picked out her very own pumpkin.  She was VERY sure of her choice!  She got to see all the farm animals,  laughed at the noisy pigs (and made pig noises of her own) and petted the kittens and bunnies.  The kittens were her favorite.  She kept going back saying, “mama they are so cutie!”  “LOOK!”  One of the most exciting adventurers however, was a room with 2 feet of corn cornels for children to play in.  She had a blast!  And just when you thought there could not be any more pictures of Ava here are more….

These were taken 5 minutes apart CRAZY, just look at the sky differences

tired eyes and not quite a smile but my girl nevertheless!

The Corn Room

Her Pumpkin

one day I would like to do an entire apple shoot... I love apples in the fall!

My Beauty

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Red, Orange and Yellow

We returned from Michigan two weeks ago. As we were driving home Ava looked out the window of the car and said, “Mama where is the red and orange?” She of course was referring to all the wonderful fall colors Michigan had spoiled us with. Here in the northwest even when the leaves start to change it is mostly green, The Emerald City!  Fall photos just will not be the same next year as we are traveling to Michigan in the summer and winter for Christmas.  So here are some photos highlighting the colors of fall and of course my beauty, Ava.  Sorry there are so many but after all this blog is really Ava’s childhood journal/ photo album!  (Oh, and soon to be Ella’s as well!)

So no smiles but eye contact!



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Still Talking…

Not a day has gone by, two weeks later, where Ava has not talked about the choo-choo and carousel from Greenfield Village. Excitement does not begin to describe it~ July will be our next visit to Michigan and I am sure this outing will be #1 on the priority list. Hard to believe that we will have Ava and a 6 month Ella joining the rides.  I just love this age of awe and wonder, toddlerhood is amazing!

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