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Snow Day: iphone style

Winter wonderland here in the Northwest! Ava, Lola and I have been out playing, sledding and sliding for the last three days and it looks like more still to come!!!  This was Ava’s first week of sledding and first official snow day from school!!!  I am not sure who likes the snow more Ava or Lola!  Lola however, ends up in white boots of snowballs.  Today on the way home Ava said, “We have to hurry mama and go home.  Lola is going to turn into a snowball dog and I do not have a magic wand to turn her back to my Lola bear.”

Our Snowy View

My Snow Angel

My Snow Dog and Snow Angel

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Freebee Fun: The Messy Game

I am always looking for new activities to do at home.  With Ella the task has become even more challenging as she needs my attention more than some activities provide.  The other day I ran across an impressive blog post on how to make colored soap puffy paint for the bath.  Impressive indeed also ridiculously time consuming.  It made me think however, how much my first graders LOVED cleaning their desks with shaving cream.  So I pulled out the shaving cream and let Ava go to town on our hallway mirror.  (A glass door would also work).  We call it the Messy Game and Ava had a blast.  We have done this many times since I have yet to food color the shaving cream although I think that is possible!  Easy to clean up, free and above all FUN!!!

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Freebee Toy

Toddlers find fun everywhere! Right now Ava’s favorite thing to do is empty and fill… carry and move… repeat. She loves buckets, purses her babies diaper bag anything that she can fill with her most precious items.

The other day at Home Depot desperate for something that would entertain her, other than running down the asiles I headed for the paint department. I told her a color and then she would find that swatch. This continued, me reminding her of the colors she was not sure of until the rainbow was complete. Those cards have made it everywhere in our house. She calls them her “colors”. Educational and free.

I Love pretty toys, wood toys, expensive toys… I could go crazy if I had the budget to do so.  This was a reminder that I should not need as a teacher; The best toys are those created by the child!

These are the stairs! Don't you love our funky carpet! HA! Sad thing is it does not really bother me... a conversation piece!

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