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Magnetic Attraction

When designing Ava’s playroom I decided that I wanted both magnetic and chalkboard surfaces.  Now there is such a thing as magnetic paint which can go under the chalkboard paint allowing the surface to serve both purposes.  Upon further research however, I discovered that the magnetic paint really only has enough “power” to hold light sheet type magnets.  So I went with this magnetic board from Ikea.  Ava loves magnets…off…on…off…on she will have so much fun throughout the years!

Here are our two favorite magnetic toys from Leap Frog:

Leap Frog Phonics

Leap Frog Farm

**My pet peeve: It seems like all children’s ABC toys are capital letters however, 90% of what we read is in lowercase!!!!  Really children should learn lowercase letters first!!!!

It is very hard to find lowercase letters.  We have the silver alphabet from Pottery Barn kids only in the stores, $20

These are also fun, lowercase and handmade!

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Project Playroom

I was that mom who always said we would NEVER have tons of toys. After all more is just more, right?!

I do still believe that but I also know the reality of a toddler’s attention span is about a 5 minute so having choices is a MUST!  With Ava turning two the toys are getting larger.  Stroller for her baby, art easel, bin of musical instruments, blocks.  Space is a precious commodity.  We finally decided that Ava needed a playroom.  A space that would house most of the toys and would be safe even for independent play.  Our fourth bedroom was being used as a junk room but also Larry”s guitar room so he took one for the team!  We now have a guest bedroom/guitar room and a bright cheery playroom!

I am so happy with how it turned out and so glad I had such great storage/shelving from my teaching days!  Sorry the pictures could have been better… but you get the idea!

It is all in the details: Used art clips from Land of Nod to show off Ava’s work, I used an old wire clip mobile and made bright colored paper cranes,  Framed Ava’s Wee Gallery animal art cards in frames we already had, hung some children’s book art I created years ago, purchased a magnetic chalkboard and letters as art but it also pops off for play and learning, wall decals from Land of Nod, hung my hand made tutu for a pop of color and dress up accessibility, filled frames from targets $1 bin will the colors of the rainbow and topped it off with a Winnie the Pooh rug and clock purchased by my mom long ago…

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