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Ella Elizabeth  1/29/11

7 pounds 7 ounces

19.5 inches

Today Ella is one month… I figure a perfect day to share her birth story.

On January 28th one day before my due date I arrived at my midwife appointment frustrated… VERY frustrated.  I was sure that although this appointment was made months prior there was no way I would actually need it.  Ella would be coming early I was sure of it!  Well, I was wrong!

I also was shocked when my favorite midwife, Sky who was present at Ava’s birth, presented me with an unexpected option.  I was already 5 cm dilated and 80% effaced with these numbers Sky offered to induce me the next day, my official due date!  We of course would need an OK from the hospital the next day before we could head in and put this plan into action.  I left the appointment hopeful and excited that Ella’s birthday was just around the corner!

January 29th 10:00 am I received a call from the head nurse who asked if I would like to have a baby today!  This was it… With my mom in town and Ava in GREAT hands we arrived at the hospital at 11:30 am. What a strange experience to arrive with no contractions no physical pain urging you on convincing you that indeed a baby was on the way.  From the moment I arrived this birth was entirely different than Ava’s!

The idea was to break my water and walk, walk, walk until labor began naturally.  We tried that but after two hours of inconsistent contractions we moved on to starting potocin to move things along.  Whoa… that worked labor here we come!  I labored without drugs much longer than with Ava and then finally relief my epidural began!  Although what a difference with Ava my epidural was so strong that I felt NO pain. Good on one hand but mostly it caused problem after problem and I could not really aid or experience the birth the way I should have.  This time around pain but mangaeable and perfect I was there experiencing and helping throughout the process.

9:02 pm:  Eight hours after breaking my water, with the second fabulous nurse of the day and an incredible midwifes support, 25 minutes of pushing with Larry by my side,  Ella arrived…

So, how do you put an actual birth into words.  Even when I watch TLC’s A Baby Story, and that is not me, I am flooded with emotion.  For nine months I knew that a baby was coming.  I grew bigger and bigger and heard that amazing sound of her heartbeat.  I felt kicks, bumps and hiccups.  I saw her little arms and legs kicking around and counted her fingers and toes on a black and white ultrasound screen.  We named her, washed her clothes, folded the blankets and talked about all the changes heading our way.  And yet I was not prepared at all because in that moment, after the last push, when I reached down and pulled Ella from me to my chest, tears flowed and all words escaped me.  Filled with emotion that you cannot name I held and kissed perfection for the second time in my life.

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My only belly picture

When I began this blog Ava was already about a year old.  I always regretted that I had not started it earlier, all the things I could have recorded from my pregnancy to her birth up until that first birthday.  I am grateful that Ella will have a record from her beginning.

Yet I feel like I have hardly written about my pregnancy at all.  Perhaps it is because I felt like it was my last chance to focus just on Ava, or that Ava was about what I had energy for, or that this pregnancy that flown by at a record speed… What ever the reason this is one of few and the last entry I will ever do about being pregnant.  After Ella we are done… two, that was the deal!  Larry says I will one day miss being pregnant, I am not sure about that!?  I know that there are moments that I will miss but more of my pregnancies are filled with those experiences that I can live without; heartburn, months of nausea, back pain, no sleep, hormone swings….

In my opinion the best part is yet to come.  A babies actual arrival day is hard to top but coming in second place is 6 months!  There is nothing like a snugly 6 month old baby who finally sleeps through the night! And it only gets better from there…

After a month in a half of nesting madness I hit a day of total anxiety, emotional releases and frustration and then the next day THE WALL!  I am done and ready little girl!   With my due date changed to January 29th I am now 15 days away and hoping for a slightly earlier arrival.  I am looking forward to my mom arriving a providing us with loving calm, support, and food!  I am ready for it to be a month later with the birth and early days of nursing past me.  I am ready to introduce Ava to her new little sister.  I know when I leave for the hospital with contractions I will already be crying… I will be crying because it will be Ava’s final moments as an only child, it will be the last moments of our family of three.  I will be crying because I know how powerful and amazing the next hours will be.  I know what it feels like to hear that first cry and actually hold someone in your arms that until that moment you did not fully realize will be in your heart forever.

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” A two year old is kinda like having a blender, but you don’t have a top for it.” ~ Jerry Seinfeld

“The trouble with having the stubbornness contest with your kids is that they have your stubbornness gene.” ~Robert Brault

I am 37+ weeks pregnant, it has been months since I had a full night sleep, I now have a non-napping toddler, I am uncomfortable beyond words, I am feeling so unsuccessful dealing with Ava’s frustration and tears and I am about to add another one to the mix…

Reality bites…

Currently my toddler is in her room screaming and banging on the door instead of taking a nap.  This is following a total meltdown at Barnes and Noble where I had to be that mom carrying her out screaming. Perhaps locking her in her room is not quite the right decision but my frustration and feelings of failure at this exact moment… I need the time out!  I need to cry!  This does make me feel like a terrible mom… wondering exactly how I am ever going to survive toddlerhood.  Of course in minutes she is back to playing and reading her books meanwhile I am still in desperate need of a break and answers!  I know that I have to keep my emotions in check.  My head level and consequences consistent.  For the most part I do but each time she melts down I feel like I am not teaching her correctly or giving her the coping skills and I try again.  And again. And again.

And yes I have realized it is just the beginning!

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For anyone who knows this title was stolen from a beloved children’s book. Although Greta is not the main character but a precocious Alexander… I thought it appropriate for the week~

35 Weeks pregnant and averaging 1-2 hours of sleep a day and life with a two year old should be enough to take in! But to my dismay this week keeps throwing me curve balls.  Nothing life altering mind you but enough already, I’m too tired for this!  I needed to vent!

  1. Ava has decided that no nap or a short nap is all she needs these days.  Right before a new baby is not the time I want these schedules to change!
  2. My normally well behaved dog had now eaten 4 toys… what is up Lola?  Sensing change also perhaps?
  3. Ava’s water cup leaked ruining 4 board board books 😦
  4. Our vacuum broke
  5. Our roof is leaking
  6. Ava has decided that I must carry her down the stairs… everything else she MUST do by herself even if it results in a frustrating meltdown
  7. One minute from arriving at play class and Ava throws up 4 times… no play class, no change of clothes until we got home and have you ever had to clean out a car seat?!
  8. Our Christmas Cards showed up with the wrong family name printed on them!  Seriously?
  9. My heartburn will NOT go away!
  10. Despite my best effort my nap has been interrupted 5 times by phone calls… and I NEVER get phone calls….

That is my top ten for this week and it is not yet Friday!  I am looking forward to Christmas and having Larry home for some support for a least a few days!  Thanks for listening!

Thought this expression was fitting!


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The News

Since 99% of the people reading this blog are family and friends this may not be considered news however this blog now about 4 months behind…

Upon returning from Michigan this summer EPT confirmed what my vomiting already predicted baby #2 way on the way!  Estimated arrival January 20, 2011. There are many people I have heard say things like, “I never felt better or more beautiful than when I was pregnant”, “I LOVED being pregnant”… Who are you???  Pregnancy DOES NOT agree with me!  I am not a fan 95% of the time although since the gift at the end far outweighs the journey I find the process more than worthwhile!

Now after 4.5 months of extreme illness and exhaustion I have begun to re-enter the world.  At 24 weeks I am feeling so much better and starting to have some energy back.  Following our second ultrasound we can announce that baby Fleck is a GIRL~   Sisters!!!  I cannot wait to meet our newest darling!  She is starting to move regularly although not enough for Larry to feel yet and I am already thinking of bunk beds adorned with pink!

Although I also have to mention that there are days where I wonder, “WHAT WERE WE THINKING?”  another baby, nursing, sleepless nights… It is not double the work but an exponential amount, as a friend pointed out!  An adventure…  The parents of two, life is sure crazy!  I now watch mothers with multiple children everywhere we go thinking, that will be me.

“A baby is something you carry inside you for 9 months, in your arms for 3 years and in your heart until the day you die.”~ Mary Mason

Presenting Ella Elizabeth Fleckenstein:  The First Baby Pictures!  (20 weeks)

her profile

the feet shot!

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Creative gift giving is a talent… and I love a creative presentation.  My good friend Emily is a natural!  Although I try hard I often fall short of finding that perfect gift.  After attending my share of baby showers I have settled on a gift worth giving.  Although it is not necessarily unique to the person it is uniquely me.  I also must give some credit to Oprah as it is partially inspired by her Favorite Things show.

The past two baby showers I attended Emily’s and Carly’s they were gifted with MY favorite things for baby and mama!  These are all must have’s in my book updated as my most recent favorites!  If you have favorites comment and add them to the list!

Carter’s Long Sleeve white onsies.  I always give the 0-3 months or older because the newborns are too small too quick!  They go with everything and hold up beautifully!!!


The Ultimate Receiving Blanket.  Made with great patterns and colors.  They are actually large enough to wrap a baby in post 2 months!!!  They wash well and last forever!  Matching burp cloths are available but who passes up the cheap and useful cloth diaper option!

California Baby Products.  Love their shampoo, sunscreen and bubble bath.  Next up we are going to try the conditioner.  Ava is Loving bubble bath these days.  The products are safe and smell great!

Lansinoh Nursing Pads.  A must have for any nursing mom and these were my favorite bag.  You will need more than one box so stock up!

Nursing Tank Top.  I Lived in these and still do!  I have two in every color. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!  You can find expensive versions at more maternity boutiques but the Target version cannot be beat!

Gallop. One of my favorite board books.  The pictures move and Ava loves it more everyday!  They also have two other books out with the same illustration technique.

Heading Home With Your Newborn: Birth to Reality. One of my favorite reference books.  Easy and fun to read.  It was written by two pediatricians but sounds more like two moms.  It is very realistic and you will love it!

Baby Legs.  All different patterns and colors they will keep your baby sylish, warm and easy access for diaper changing!  They are useful from about 2-3 months and up!!!  LOVE them!!!  Plus now that Ava is older they look adorable with her Tutu’s!

Trumpette Socks.  They stay on, they are cute what more can you ask for?!  I love the classic mary jane style but the cowgirls were perfect for my cousin.  There are even adorable styles for the boy in your life.  I just learned that now they have toddler sizes!!! I have to order some for Ava!!!!

Jelly Cat stuffed animals. They are the cutest, softest best ones around.  A must have for every kid.  Ava has a small snuggly, floor pillow, huge friend, soft book and even a baby activity version.  There is no end to the cuteness that is Jelly Cat.  All versions can be found on my favorite toy site oompa!  This horse was the perfect compliment to the cowgirl trumpette socks for my cousins upcoming arrival!

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STOP, Belly Time!

One of the reasons for my summer jaunt to Michigan was to attend my favorite cousins baby shower. For years Carly was my only other girl cousin and we thankfully have stayed close throughout the years. Despite a greater distance than I would like. Carly my be a bit anxious over her ever expanding belly but I could not be happier for her and her husband, Adam! I was also thrilled when she agreed to be my first maternity subject!  It was fun but much harder than I anticipated.  I tried some new processing and tried for a vintage feel on some of the shots, everything is a chance to learn, right?!  I hope I captured some moments for her to remember always!  Congratulations I cannot wait to meet little Alexa.  I just wish I was there to do the newborn shots as well!

The booties were handmade with love from my aunt/ grandma to be!  What a beautiful gift!

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