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There are no Pajama’s like the Carter’s footsie pajama’s! I just do not know what we would do without them. Thank goodness Costco has yet to let me down. They always have about 4-5 styles in and for $6.97 they cannot be beat! With 0-T5 sizes Costco will have Ava sleeping warm and cozy for years!  They are even great for some cat snuggling…

Goodnight, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!

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Yet another belated post…

This past summer we enjoyed a week long stay from my dad better known as, Pa!!! Ava LOVES Pa!!! It was so nice to get to spend some quality time and an excuse to get out and about for a week. We hit lots of hot spots: Seattle Aquarium, Woodland Park Zoo, Whidbey Island and West Seattle. Except for Whidbey they were all first time experiences for Ava and I…what fun!  I was a bit disappointed with the aquarium but so thrilled with the zoo that we walked away with a family pass!  Whidbey Island is always a good time from the ferry ride to my favorite french inspired lunch hot spot, Prima Bistro.  Ava even got to enjoy her first ice cream cone!  West Seattle was fabulous; views and food!  We hit an amazing bakery, Bakery Nouveau, and if you are in the area is is definitely worth a stop by…YUMMY!!!  Larry and I even took a good friend up on a babysitting proposition and headed out with Pa for dinner on the town.  Now I do love food but the restaurant we hit was beyond incredible!  Hidden in a strip mall two doors down from a Subway was Sitka and Spruce one of my top five restaurants of all time!  They will soon be moving to a new location up on Capital Hill for better location but trust me when I say that the food needs no changing!  Thanks Pa for an amazing visit we, and especially Ava, look forward to your next visit!

Seattle Aquarium: Fostering a love of fish!

Woodland Park Zoo: She barely slowed down for some animals but had a blast! These were her favorites.

YUMMY, messy fun!

View from West Seattle

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Two Glasses of Wine…

OK so this purchase may not have happened without the two glasses of wine but I still think they are pretty fabulous.

Tickle Monster Mitts!!! Yes, that is right!!! Your fingers poke through so you are able to still achieve the full tickle effect but with a major cuteness factor.  I just could not get the picture of Larry chasing Ava around the house in these out of my mind!  There was also a corresponding picture book but alas, it did not quite meet my children’s literature standards.


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Snack time… all the time! Ava is going through a very picky eating stage. I am lucky to get a full meal into her tummy once a day. To add to my anxiety she is falling off the weight chart. According to her last Doctor visit she has gone from the 50% to the 5% since birth. Although she is busy I have to admit I am slightly worried. When she does eat we load her with cheese, whole milk yogurt, eggs, avocado and other high fat foods at least what we can. AHH so frustrating!  We are also trying to cut back on the snacks in hope that her meals look more appetizing.  Of course snacks are still important and with a toddler on the go a necessity! So here is one more Costco find to add to your diaper bag of tricks! Ava’s new favorites!

veggie fries

Garden Veggie Straws– much healthier than chips but oh so yummy! I cannot keep Larry away from them!  Costco sells a large box with individual bags of various chips and straws.  Hope your little one loves them as much as mine!

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crocsSo I have to admit that when I first saw Baby Crocs at Nordstroms I thought, how ridiculous those would never stay on a babies foot!

I am learning quickly that motherhood is just a series of events in which you are often wrong!  When I saw them on Miss Maile’s feet not only were they cute but she seemed to get everywhere in them just fine!  The best part Mariah explained was just how easy a toddler could take them off and even put them on.  Fabulous!

Cute, durable, easily washable and let’s face it we all wish we had invented those decorative Jibbitz…millions!!!

Now the story goes that Mariah had bought a pair for Maile lost them, bought a new pair, and then found the first.  Generosity being Mariah’s nature Ava is now sporting a pair of blue Baby Crocs and LOVES them!  Thanks Auntie Mariah!!!

So if you were like me a rolled your eyes at this cult phenomenon give them a second glance they are worth it!

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When Larry and I first chose our home here in Everett, WA we did so with no children in our immediate future. Of course it was only a matter of weeks, after the boxes were unpacked, that the little blue lines of the pregnancy test reminded us that some things are just not planned.

Our house, although still needs work, has a gorgeous view of the Cascade mountains, wonderful entertainment space with picture windows of the view, a newly remodeled kitchen and huge master suite complete with walk in closet.  All wonderful assets to a couple without children.  These all came with a price once Ava arrived; Ava’s nursery is a floor below us, we live on a hill so not a great yard for playing, a deck with rails that are just not safe for little people and with three floors more stairs to block off.  We have learned to live with the inconviences and are beginning this summer to discover more perks of our chosen location…

Today, Ava and I escorted Hope and Kristin to the park next door to our house…our at least almost next door! When we decided on this particular house Forest Park was one of the major selling points.  We have a trail at the end of our street that leads into this expansive, trail filled park.  It is beautiful.  Sadly and with no excuse we have not really explored too much.  We have entered the side closest to our house and walked around a bit but that is about it.  Two days ago I did a photo shoot for some friends and we hiked through as a backdrop.  Impressed is understating my aww. Ava and I should be there everyday!

800px-Everett_-_Forest_Park_playgroundWe began our day at the Centennial water park an area filled with at least 15 foutains to run, splash and play through.  After a snack in the shade we headed to the playground complete with both a large structure for older children and a 5 years old and under area for munchkins.  After slides, climbing, stairs and tunnels we relaxed in a couple of toddler swings…Ava’s personal favorite!  Making his job easy there was an ice cream truck conviently parked at the side of the playground where Kristin treated us to our favorite childhood treat! Yum!!!  Next we headed just west of the playground to the Animal Petting Farm….YES, that is right all of this in one location about 5 minutes from our house!!!!!  The animal farm had horses, goats, a calf, sheep, ducks, pigs, bunnies and hens.  Several of the animals were even out roaming for the girls to touch!  Incredible and did I mention this is all completely free of charge!  Two hours and endless fun Ava has now crashed! We will be back soon…

No pics from me this time… I just enjoyed the view and some fun!

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yhst-83878190403399_2058_6449712When I decided to abandon my sweet smelling French Mustela baby wash for the safer less toxic California Baby I was not so sure. A few months later I am pretty much sold. We have been using the Calming shampoo and body wash which smells delicious; scented with lavender and sage. It lathers nicely and is concentrated so you need very little allowing it to lasting quite a while. My only complaint would be that it takes a while to rinse out of Ava’s hair. I guess a small price to pay for a sweet smelling, safer alternative. Click to reference previous article: Researching the Toxic Tub for more information on bath products.

Since Ava has become increasingly interested in bubbles it may just be time to bring out the California Baby bubble bath!

Next up researching sunscreen!  Any suggestions welcome!

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