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I recently encouraged my friend Emily, a fellow i-phone mom and blogger, to post her daughters favorite apps. I was delighted that she followed through as it is always nice to get suggestions from other moms.  You can click here to view her recommendations.

I have only had my i-phone for about 2 months prior I only had an i-touch and although there were videos loaded for Ava’s use I had never considered the world of apps.  I will also admit that I even felt guilty when I downloaded the first toddler app.  Is it really necessary?  In a society that kids are texting instead of talking I am hardly a proponent of too much media and not human interaction. The reality however, is that I have to grocery shop, take long car rides and plane rides to visit family etc and well distractions are distractions!  And anyone with a toddler and an i-phone knows that they LOVE them!  Toddlers are even better operators of the i-phone than some adults!

So in the reality of parenthood there is now a page on my i-phone loaded with Ava friendly apps.  and another one of those “I will never…” mom moments checked in the experience box.  Here are some of our favorite apps.  please share any additions you may have!

1.  Peek a-boo Wild and Peek-a-boo Farm [$1.99]Both of these games are made by the same company and both are equally loved by Ava.  They are easy to use and took no practice or explanation.  I like the illustrations more than several apps and the music and voices are also pleasing.

2.  The Itsy Bitsy Spider [$0.99]–  This is a game created by Duck Duck Moose.  I actually like several of their apps but this is currently Ava’s favorite.  There are several layers of interaction and the children can manipulate the scenes in several ways holding their interest over time.  The music and voices are not my favorite but tolerable.

3.  First Words Deluxe [$4.99]- By far the most expensive app I have purchased although I would say well worth the money.  The toddler moves letter to build a word.  I hardly think that Ava is learning to spell that is not the idea.  There are categories so she is learning vocabulary; colors, shapes, animals, transportation etc.  Also each time they touch a letter the letter is clearly named. Spelling no but letter recognition is definitely a plus of this app!

4.  Toddler Counting [$0.99]- A great counting app!  Clear, easy to use and Ava does not seem to bore of it!

5.  Animal Hide and Seek Adventure [$0.99]- This was a random purchase in desperation for something new during our last airplane ride.  I have to say pretty good app.  It is kinda like an i-spy page.  Just plain fun!

FAVORITE FREE APP: I have found it hard to find free apps that are worth viewing more than once and have any long lasting value.  Not to say they are not out there I have just not had the best of luck.  Here is one that has held Ava’s interest through multiple viewings:

Baby Piano Lite [free] Simple, easy… there is a piano that you can either play as keys or silly animal sounds a good filler.

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