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Little Caesar

So I mentioned Gymboree’s Bubble Ooodles a while back. I have decided however, after a summer of bubble fun they deserve their own post. These are in fact the BEST bubbles ever! It is not only the solution which makes long lasting perfect bubbles but the blower that creates 100’s of bubbles just after three blows. It is amazing! Our entire house can fill with bubbles in a matter of minutes. For an even more spectacular show blow the bubbles in front of a fan. Ava goes crazy.

With Ava’s spoken vocabulary growing daily bubbles is now officially a favorite word.  She demands them often especially while dinning thus earning the name, Little Caesar (coined by Larry)  If you do not yet own this toy run to your nearest Gymboree!

TIP: leave the bubble solution out in the tray for about an hour you will be amazed at how many more bubbles you will get!




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yhst-83878190403399_2058_6449712When I decided to abandon my sweet smelling French Mustela baby wash for the safer less toxic California Baby I was not so sure. A few months later I am pretty much sold. We have been using the Calming shampoo and body wash which smells delicious; scented with lavender and sage. It lathers nicely and is concentrated so you need very little allowing it to lasting quite a while. My only complaint would be that it takes a while to rinse out of Ava’s hair. I guess a small price to pay for a sweet smelling, safer alternative. Click to reference previous article: Researching the Toxic Tub for more information on bath products.

Since Ava has become increasingly interested in bubbles it may just be time to bring out the California Baby bubble bath!

Next up researching sunscreen!  Any suggestions welcome!

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toilet-lockOK so you have seen them, those horrid child proof toilet locks! I refused; after all I do not want to deal with them myself when I have to go…I have to go!

Toothbrushes (yuck!), toys, our cordless phone; they have now all gone for a swim and some of them have not survived the voyage! So…I now understand and I guess it is time for a trip to the child proofing aisle of Babies R Us! I have to remember, having a baby is NOT about convenience…or aesthetics!

Note:  A picture of something actually floating would have been preferred but alas, I am a first time mom and more concerned in rescuing objects that taking the picture!  Maybe with baby #2 I will run for the camera and postpone my rescuing skills for later!

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Months ago I decided to check the weight limit of Ava’s current car seat, chico key fit. For some reason I was under the impression that the weight limit was 30 lbs shockingly it was actually 22 lbs. Fearing that Ava must be pretty close I rushed out a bought a new car seat…it was not for almost 3 more months that she actually hit 20 lbs…I guess I had some time!

Ava is now riding in style in her new luxurious car seat, the Britax Marathon! Thanks Grandpa Fleckenstein and Grandma LuClaire your gift is at last being enjoyed!


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duckSo what does not cause cancer or have other possibly horrible or scary consequences? It seems like every time I read an article I discover another product that maybe unsafe. Non-toxic toys, organic food, free and clear laundry soap, natural cleaning supplies… where does it end???!!!

This week I am questioning bath products. Recently a friend posted a link on her blog to the environmental working group: safe cosmetic database, where several baby bath products were tested and found to have various levels of toxicity. Really? It is exhausting…

When Ava was born we were given some Mustela products, which I now love. The smell of her bath soap is so yummy and instantly reminds me of my little Ava. Of course, these products did not test clean, now what? I went ahead and researched all the products I currently use on Ava.  Below is where I stand on our choice of products:

pampers-wipesPampers sensitive wipes, which we use, were rated higher in toxicity than the regular unscented wipes. The unscented wipes however, seem to sting her when there is even the slightest trace of diaper rash. For now I am sticking with what works.


butt-pasteBourdeaux Butt Paste had low level concerns but it tested better than most and since we use it so sparingly I decided it is a keeper.  It also works wonders!

Eucerin Original Moisturizing Cream tested with low concerns and was highly recommended by our pediatrician.

I still LOVE my Mustela products but will be trying the California Baby line for bath wash and sunscreen. It received low toxicity scores and great reviews from parents and can be found at Babies r Us and Target.

Keep in mind that the EWG findings are currently the only research that has been done on this topic.  Most of the toxic chemicals detected are often trace amounts created by a chemical reaction in the manufacturing process, they are usually not added intentionally and there is no evidence that they do in fact have any long lasting negative consequences.  I am sure that there will be a long line of studies to follow this report.

Something to think about: Just because something occurs naturally does NOT mean it is good for our bodies. Are there studies being done on “natural” substances and their long term affects? Look at lead, a naturally occurring substance; it took years to determine its effects. Even naturally occurring ingredients can create chemical reactions that in turn have a different effect than they did isolated from one another. Finally, many children have allergic reactions to natural fragrance and ingredients. Bottom line: there is no easy answer, make decisions that you can live and feel comfortable with when it comes to your family!

Another link to check out is, Safe Mama, where I found a review of California Baby. It is also the only site I was able to find a review on Method bath products.  Beware it is absolutely pro-natural and organic you will get information on one side of the debate and often the products they recommend are more difficult to find. Still it is informative and worth checking out.

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