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Summer?  Well according to the calendar and the school schedule it is summer!  Now if only the NW weather would get the hint!

I cannot believe Ava is through her very first year of preschool. I am so proud of how much she has grown this past year.  Her attention skills, following directions, taking her time to complete tasks, small motor skills and academically.  She had two AMAZING teachers that have set the bar pretty high.  Mrs. Peach and Mrs.McBride were very loved.  I had such great intentions of documenting this year better, alas best of intentions lead to no follow through.  I would love to say nesxt year I will be better but I am afraid I would be kidding myself.  The one thing I am sorry to not have is a last day of school picture.  So next year that is my one goal a before and after pic.  Ava is losing her toddlerness she is a little girl now.

The one thing I did do is worth sharing so here it goes.  EVERYONE gets a copy of Dr. Seusses “Oh the Places You Will Go” for high school graduation.  Instead I used my copy from high school graduation and plan to have teachers throughout Ava’s school days write messages to her.  I will then gift it complete with years of messages and letters when she does graduate from high school.  So much more meaningful!  I wish I could credit where I got this idea but it is one of those things that stuck in my mind but did not bookmark.  So to whomever… BRILLIANT!!!

Happy Summer!  Next up… Pre-K!

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First Day

“The greatest gift you can give to your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.” -anonymous

My baby started preschool.

I was ready, she was ready. That did not stop me from crying the first day when she disappeared up the stairs to her class. Where does the time go?

In typical Ava fashion first day of school pictures did not go as planned.  I was however, able to capture her morning gift.  A hand made felt heart I had sewn the night before. The girls will each receive a new heart every year on the first day of school to keep in their pockets.  My loves who take a piece of my heart where ever they go. For my independent munchkin I thought this gesture would be more for me than her. I was so glad  to be wrong.  She held it so tight and said, “thank you mama for my heart.  I love hearts.”  She cherished it all morning and all day.  It made my heart smile.

BFF Emma! So thankful they are classmates!

Mrs. Peach and Mrs. McBride enjoy my girl she is one special munchkin!

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