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We completed round two of summer berry picking! Mmmmm…. I love raspberries! We met up with our friends for some sweet times the girls all had a blast and Ava is obsessed. She has the list plotted out. “First we went strawberry picking, then raspberry picking. Next we have to go blueberry picking, blackberry picking then apple picking and pumpkin picking.” Yep she has got a plan! No worries here I love it all and no surprise but the photo opts are not too shabby either!  Ella, while after a taste or 20, she is simply happy playing in the wagon!  She also LOVED the ducks a chickens although on chicken got her hand 😦 Quite tramatic it took her a couple days to move on from the experience.  Every once in a while she would just cry and say “chicken”, sooo sad!

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Ava’s final preschool field trip was to Mulkiteo Beach. Good thing is that is only 5 min. away bad thing it was COLD, rainy and slippery. The kids had a blast and I got a few good shots in. I LOVE my kid and how unbelievably cute are those yellow boots? They made the pictures. And of course she got some BFF time with her fellow classmate Emma they are soooo cute together.  Ella thought the beach was quite worth it and I am sure we will be back soon~

Since it was low tide we were able to meet a crab and starfish but as always the big draw was rock throwing!

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Since I have completely neglected my poor little blog I thought I would share pics from our recent trip to the pumpkin patch in honor of Halloween. It was Ava’s first school field trip and the most perfect mid day light possible. If you take away that sometimes I am a stress ball with two kids, outings and photography attempts it was a total success! Ella ate a few tablespoons of dirt but wouldn’t you do the same for these adorable pics!  (more on flickr account if you are interested!)

New Favorite!

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1.5 hour drive but totally worth it!  The girls and I along with our BFF gang headed out to Bellwood Acres, an apple orchard outside of Bellingham.

Truth be told it was exhausting.  An extra pair of hands was needed, next time hubby’s required.  In the end we had a blast and so did the kids.  We got a basket full of apples had a picnic, survived the light rain drizzle and just look at these pictures!  FUN!  Sorry to post so many but I just love them!  Fall is my favorite time of year and since I will not be in michigan to capture the amazing fall colors the apple orchard totally filled the bill.





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My brother made it out for a pre-holiday visit!  Although he spent a majority of his visit sick he was able to join us on our annual family outing to Farmer Brown’s Tree Farm.  As children we never cut down our own christmas trees.  It was always a trip to the suburban tree lot.  I LOVE that this was a tradition in Larry’s family and now will continue with our girls.  My quirky twist… naming the tree before arriving on site.  I love to name things but also it helps me focus in on exactly who I am looking for.  After all a tree named everett inevitably looks different than a Howard!  This year we were on a hunt for Tiberius!

Of course the beauty of my naming tradition is that I always get a large say in just exactly who we take home!  As always we found the perfect tree and with the perfect little helper and some teamwork he made it back to our family room!  I am grateful that Uncle Chris was able to experience a little toddler magic for the holidays.  There is nothing better than this time of year with kids and this year Ava has been so much fun!  Next year… almost four!  AND… almost one!  Christmas times two kids will only be better!

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A Beautiful Day

California may have the warmth, Michigan has much sunnier winters but NOTHING beats a beautiful day in the northwest!

The Snohomish River



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When we did not make it to the pumpkin patch back in Michigan and then returned to the northwest clouded in rain I thought dreams of this years pumpkin patch visit had ended.  So last week when I woke up to what appeared to be a dry day I jumped on the opportunity!  It turned out to be a beautiful day and Ava had SO much fun!  We walked through the patch where she picked out her very own pumpkin.  She was VERY sure of her choice!  She got to see all the farm animals,  laughed at the noisy pigs (and made pig noises of her own) and petted the kittens and bunnies.  The kittens were her favorite.  She kept going back saying, “mama they are so cutie!”  “LOOK!”  One of the most exciting adventurers however, was a room with 2 feet of corn cornels for children to play in.  She had a blast!  And just when you thought there could not be any more pictures of Ava here are more….

These were taken 5 minutes apart CRAZY, just look at the sky differences

tired eyes and not quite a smile but my girl nevertheless!

The Corn Room

Her Pumpkin

one day I would like to do an entire apple shoot... I love apples in the fall!

My Beauty

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