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Why did I wait so long?

Ella is at last sleeping in her nursery and Larry and I have our room back!  AH the peace!  Since Ella was still waking up every two to three hours, yes you read that right, I hesitated on making the big move.  Once she was in her room however, her sleeping drastically improved!!! Figures!  She LOVES it.  When I put her to bed she sits up and says “Bye”, SO CUTE!   She is now only waking up once a night and I am at last a better rested mama!

A couple bed snaps!  And of course big sister did not want to be left out!

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Happy Birthday my dear sweet Ella.

I decided no formal pictures just snap shots of the day.  A day which was extremely low key.  I am not sure if you learn from the first or just get lazy.  Ava’s first birthday was a disaster my poor girl cried throughout her entire party.  Crocodile tears and no cake. This year, this time, a cupcake in her high chair, a post cupcake bath and presents.  Simple, sweet and I got to soak up lots of Ella time.  My littlest love… ONE!

Unlike her sister that cupcake went right in the mouth! Messy face achieved!  There is a song by Frances England called, “Family Tree”  I LOVE this song and it made me cry through my entire pregnancy. It is about a family going from three to four with sections written from the view point of the younger sibling.  “I’ll teach him all the things I’ve learned along the way, I will help him blow out his candles on his first birthday.  We’ll grow up together, side by side. Take care of one another full of love, full of pride.”  So special to see my Ava make a wish and blow.  Just the beginning…

Birthday Suit

Her one gift from us: Busy Ball Popper= HUGE HIT!!!

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Biology is simply fascinating and life well, it is a miracle.

That one little sperm carrying millions of possible combintations of DNA connects with that one little egg carrying its own pieces to the puzzle to create an entire person from personality to hair color… absolutely AMAZING.

As a teacher siblings always fascinated me.  Same parents but yet they could look exactly alike or be extreme physical opposites.  Same house yet personalities were completely their own.  Little souls that are their own person from the very beginning how can you not see that as nothing short of incredible!

It will be so much fun to watch Ava and Ella grow to see where their similarities intersect and differences set them apart creating completely unique versions of perfection.  At least perfection to me… most of the time!! HA!!  Right now Ella looks a lot like Ava when she was born except for the full head of hair!  Ella is already growing some brown slightly curly hair.  Her eyes are still infant blue and a mystery for now!  Here is an attempt at a comparison shot.  Same luscious lips!  My bet right now is that they will look like sisters similar but different.  Only time will tell…

Ava on left and Ella on the right

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About a month before Ella was born I took Ava shopping.  I wanted her to pick out a special big sister gift to give Ella when she came home.  Something to get her excited about the arrival.  Of course I knew that she would want to buy Ella a million things that were actually more for herself so I prompted her in a direction I found acceptable.  Ava LOVES her blanket!  So we went shopping for Ava to pick out one special blanket that would be just Ella’s.  She was so excited and picked out a very soft cream and pink blanket.  She talked all the time about how she was going to give it to Ella when she came out of Mommy’s tummy.  And that is just what she did!

Ella presented Ava with a gift also although I debated forever about what that gift should be.  In the end we gave her a gift that originally was from my mom but it was just so perfect from a new baby sister… Manhattan Toys Nina the Nursing Cat.  The little kittens magnetically stick to mama when they are nursing and come off just as easy for play.  So cute!!! If you are not a cat person they also have a dog version.  I just love it!  Thanks mom for sharing your wonderful find!

Another gift I have in the wings and will share with Ava soon is a baby doll Ergo carrier.  I LOVE my ergo carrier and soon Ava will be seeing Ella in it often.  Now she will be able to carry her animals or dolls just like mama!  It looks just like mine… So Fun!!!

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Sisters: An Introduction

Ava this is your baby sister Ella.
Ella this is your big sister Ava.

Wow what an incredible journey motherhood is. How you move through life not being able to imagine motherhood. To not being able to imagine your life without that role. From feeling like one perfect baby completes your family entirely to not knowing how the second baby was not there all along. Your heart the whole time just growing bigger and more full.

I did not have my camera out when Ava entered the hospital room and saw Ella for the first time.  I remember she said, “Hi Mama!”  She had a huge smile on her face.  When she saw Ella her smile disappeared.  Not because she was unhappy but how odd it must have been to actually see a real baby and not just my big tummy.  Her eyes were wide.  She gave Ella a gentle kiss on the forehead, said Hi and than ran to the window.  I think it is a pretty typical almost three year old response.

Overall, Ava has done well with Ella’s arrival.  She is gentle and sweet but also needing reassurance that she is indeed important and her role with Larry and I has not changed.  The first time Larry held Ella for an extended period Ava walked in, looked at him and said, “daddy put the baby away.”  When he responded that he was holding baby Ella she looked at me an said, “you hold it.”  We have good moments and bad moments.  Times she proclaims with excitement and pride that she is a big sister and times when clearly she is feeling the spotlight has shifted and creates any dramatic way she thinks of to shift it back.  It is an adjustment for sure, but I also know that sharing baths, playing dolls, baking cookies and sisterly bear hugs are in our future.

My loves and Ava’s first time holding her little sister…

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